Im definitely a newbie so be patient!

Hi Friends, Family and Fellow bloggers,
I’ve been wanting to do this for along time but had some fear about getting started. A) Im a terrible writer so DONT try to correct my grammar, spelling etc.!!!!! B) Will people find what I have to say interesting? C) Will I have time to write between family, work and the hectic schedule most moms have?

But I decided what the heck, Im always following my favorite bloggers mostly having to do with fashion, makeup, interior design and allll things girly but also CHICKENS. Yes, Im crazy but my family and I decided about a year ago we wanted to have pet chickens. Which is nuts because we live in an urban community and we already have two dogs (which are trained to eat birds….a retriever and a spaniel) need I say more?? (I’ll go into some of the catastrophes we have encountered later.)

So, I feel like I have a lot to say! If I can do anything well its talking for sure!!! My friends and family are always asking for fashion advice, I help a few of them with personal shopping and I LOVE to shop and I love clothes! I plan to post some of my favorite things, whether it be fashion or family, funny or frustrating!

Thank you all for your support!

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