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WHAT in the WORLD do you WEAR in this WEATHER?

I don’t know about you but when we get a stretch of warm weather, followed by all the trees blooming and the tulips and daffodils popping up all over town -Im ready to put the boots and sweaters away for good. Unfortunately it’s usually a trick, the cold always comes creeping back in!! Ugh, I dont want to put on my jeans and boots ONE MORE TIME!!! Im done.

So what to do?? Here are a couple of my solutions….

Must haves for March

-A lightweight blazer, jacket or cardigan that is not BLACK.
-Cropped skinny jeans that have a cuff in white or denim (I can hear you now with your Suthern’ drawls “I can’t wear white before Easter!” -and the answer is YES you can, that rule has been long gone in the fashion world for a while now as far as jeans go. That doesn’t mean go out and buy white patent leather shoes!!)
-Suede neutral sandal
-Bright colored accessories such as a cuff, scarf, jewelry or bag
-AND if you know me my #1 staple for alllll seasons is a sexy white tank-wife beater style. I must own two dozen and I honestly can’t live without them winter, spring, summer or fall!

Happy Shopping!
XO Les

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