I promised a little COUNTRY didn’t I???

So yes, we have quite a flock of pets at our house! When I was growing up my parents were so open to us having ALLLLL kind of pets. Mallard Ducks, Horses, Guniea Pigs, Cockatiels, chickens etc. I guess I have passed that on to my children. We started out with a couple of dogs, thats normal right? Then my children wanted a bird, hey-whats the big deal I had a couple of birds growing up. Lets get a bird! We get a bird and the children name him WAFFLES, naming them, honestly, is the pinnacle- it only goes DOWNHILL from there. The first week or two they pay attention to the bird then guess whose responsibility it becomes?? Im the first to admit, this is a really cool bird. He loves humans, he talks, gives kisses etc but he also makes a huge mess and more work for momma!

Have I learned my lesson? Ummm, no. (lets say it all together now….”SUCKA!”)
Ann Radford, my daughter, decides that Santa is going to bring her an incubator and an egg. Lord!
We decide that is not a good idea because we have no place to put this chick once it hatches. Fast forward nine months, we build a coop and end up with 4 baby chicks. Fast forward 8 months and we have had our share of catastrophes, we’ve had to learn the hard way whats it is like to have farm animals. The number one lesson I have learned is EVERYTHING likes to eat chicken. Including OUR OWN dogs and HAWKS, OWLS etc……

The good news in all of this is I love my Hens, they are very social creatures, very easy to take care of and they give us the most beautiful eggs everyday.

So yes, I love clothes, design, all things beautiful and girly but I love my country girl side too. I’ve posted some really cool coops, I love the really modern egg coop-it’s a work of art. How happy would you be if you could look in your backyard to that? The car coop makes me laugh, how creative!
XO, ALL things town and a little country!

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