Coral Me Happy

Can you tell Im ready for summer? I’m dreaming of a caribbean vacation, with my toes in the sand. All I want to pack is a mask and snorkel and a suit (ok and maybe a cute sundress or two or three…)!
I grew up going to the Abacos in the Bahamas and truly those are some of my fondest memories. My family and I would snorkel all day long going from reef to reef. My father and brother would spear fish so it was the girls job to spot the grouper and lobsters. My sister and I would swim around and we had a secret language talking thru our masks and snorkels. Either it would be happy jumble like ooh ahhh theres a sea turtle or OMG theres a huge shark!!!! In which I would quickly but quietly head back to the boat as fast as my flippers would flip!!! We would eat picnics on the boat for lunch along with a Goombay Punch (which was a huge treat!) then after lunch we would go back for more snorkeling, swimming, looking for starfish and sand dollars. We would usually head to town at the end of the day to get homemade Bahamian bread in Hope Town then head home.
After a long sun-drenched day we would come back to the house where my grandmother would cook homemade conch fritters while my father prepared the grilled lobster tails or grouper we had caught that day. We would end the night usually looking at the stars, putting together a puzzle or playing cards. No TV, Video games, or cell phones. It was perfect. Can I go right now???
XO, All Things Town and a Little Country

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