All things Kate Middleton….

So yes, I admit. Im obsessesed! Im counting down the days until the Royal Wedding. I may have to take off from work that day and throw a party. Hats, scones and all!! Ya think Im kidding??

I still remember watching Charles and Diana’s wedding as a little girl. I couldn’t wait to see her dress, her jewels, her attendants. The year was 1981, I was 8 years old. I grew up watching Princess Diana. I remember her death, I’ll never forget getting phone call from a girlfriend with the news.  This picture is a set of playing cards that were my grandmothers, yup they have never been opened! I love these!

So fast forward ummmmm 30 years, holy cow!  I’m so excited for the upcoming nuptials between Kate and William. My daughter is 9 and when they got engaged I jumped up and down about the ROYAL WEDDING, she thought I had lost my mind! “Just you wait!” were my exact words!

And since I think Kate has great style, I know her dress will be FAB! She is always rockin’ my favorite things. She knows how to wear a pair of jeans, boots, and a classic blazer. My uniform of choice! And she doesn’t hesitate to wear trendy styles like a cool hat or a graphic print dress. My most favorite thing about Kate and why I think she is absolutely stunning- she is always smiling!!  I guess I would smile too if I was about to marry the future King of England??? YOU?

“The expression a woman wears on her face is more important than the clothes on her back.”
-Dale Carnegie

I love this hat-although this may be one for the MAN REPELLER!!!

She is a great at accessorizing too, cool earrings and a great bag always do the trick.
Take Note…
Ok, This picture absolutely cracked me up, the article where I found it mentioned NOTHING about the naked guy in the background! Hilarious! 
Between the Arse in the background and Cutie William, I didn’t really notice Kate in this one!!!
And last but not least…’ve got to love her COUNTRY GIRL side!
This one might be my favorite
PS-My chickens escaped to my neighbors front yard today! Im sure they loved that!

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