Night on the Town

This Thursday I have a big event at work so I’m going to need an outfit that could take me from day to night-which gave me a great blog idea!  Here is what I have in mind!
If you add a little more sparkle at night with your jewelry and accessories and spruce up your hair and makeup these two outfits should do the trick!
Night on the Town


I absolutely love a cute pair of shorts for night time, paired with a wedge and it’s hot! I suggest if you are showing a lot of leg try covering up a little more up top. We don’t want to look too hoochie ( I think that’s how you spell it??) Especially this early in the season. I guess if I’m wearing shorts I better head for a spray tan, these legs are WHITE!!!

As far as maxi dresses go, they are definitely an easy day to night choice. Just change your shoes a bit. For day time a cute flip flop will do the trick. Except if you know me, I have to have on a heel!! A very large heel to be exact! I tried this dress on today and absolutely fell in love!!! If you decide to head to Poppy’s of Atlanta on Thursday night for our big Saddle Up Soiree Event* you may see me in this dress! 

Happy Shopping!
XO, Leslie

*Steeplechase Atlanta, Poppy’s and East Andrews are teaming up to support the UGA Vet School and Camp Southern Ground for a night of shopping, music and cocktails. Come join us from  6pm-10pm Thursday March 24th.

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