Perfect in Every Way

It was the perfect dress! 

Perfect in every way. 
Traditional yet modern.
Classic and regal.
“She looked just like a princess should and beautifully British,” Peta Hunt, fashion director ofYou and Your Wedding magazine, said in a telephone interview. “We have a new Grace Kelly amongst us,” she said, recalling the American actress who married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.

My daughter and I woke up early to see the festivities! It was a special treat to have her watch it with me, she wanted to know who everyone was and where in the world do you get hats like that?!
Although my least favorite hat was Beatrice’s- the horrible lady gaga octopus looking thingy was dreadful!!!! Who on Earth told her that was stylish. I’m all about being fashion forward but it looked like something Ursala would wear had she been invited. Im sure the fashion no no’s will soon be after her! Beatrice, let me give you a bit of advice, don’t take fashion advice from your MOTHER!!!

My favorite guest had to be David Beckham- WOW! He is a hottie!
He makes me break out in a sweat.
I have to say I felt a bit like Bridgett Jones this morning, all frumpy and disheveled in my p.j’s. Hair and teeth not yet brushed and watching all the beautiful people go by and looking everywhere for my favorite British actor Colin Firth looking dapper in his morning suit….to no avail.
I couldn’t help tearing up, it is the fairytale of all fairytales. And even my cynical daughter got wrapped up in the dream.
She was stunning and so was he!
OH, I almost forgot….I loved the trees in the Abbey!
More later…off to work!
XO, Fashionable Chick

No Work and ALL Play

I know I’ve been away for a while and I apologize, as most of you know life gets in the way. Work, children’s schedules etc. BUT IM BACK…….
Today I actually had the day off from work and had a million things to do. You all will be proud of me, I’ve been cleaning out my closet and organizing it (something that is very therapeutic for me and I plan on posting some pictures soon) and I took a huge pile to the consignment store. Hopefully I’ll make a little money in the process! To reinvest of course!
I’m trying to decide the best way to organize clothes, at the moment whatever I am doing IS NOT WORKING!
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
I love this outfit, I wore this today and I felt cute but it was comfy! And yes I do fall prey to staying in my workout clothes all day!

Pants- Sanctuary
blouse- Joie
Shoes- seychelles
cluch- marysol
jewelry- gorjana

song of the day-
Give Into Me by Garrett Hedlund
(Country Strong)

The Short on Shorts

We Wear Short Shorts

Old Navy rib tank
$8.50 –

Alice Olivia short
$90 –

Alice Olivia cuffed short
$154 –

J Crew denim short
$80 –

Jessica simpson shoes
$75 –

Beach Wear By Echo – Beach Bags, Bathing suit Cover ups for the beach,…

I love that it’s shorts season, I HATE that I’ve ignored that part of my body that looks good during shorts season. It’s not too late ladies, I still have hope. Lunge two three four, squat two three four…..

And I absolutely love short SHORTS!
 (que the Nair commercial from the 80’s)

Shorts and short jumpers are super sexy for the summer and you can really dress them up for a night on the town or dress ’em down for lunch with the ladies. Don’t be shy, if you’ve got it -flaunt it! And if you don’t got it, fake it! Add a big wedge and a spray tan and you are off!
(if you are in Atlanta- Laura from Jolie Spa ROCKS
for a spray tan!)

I’m loving Alice + Olivia‘s linen gold shorts, they are my fav. Luckily, dressy shorts are everywhere this season so you don’t have to spend a fortune. Try J. Crew, Banana Republic etc. for a less expensive pair.

Akiko, BCBG and Rolando Santana have great shorts jumpers!

Add a tank, blazer, cute hat, great pair of shoes, 
a little Keri Hilson-Pretty Girl Rock
 and Life is Good!

xo, a fashionable chick

PS. Tory Burch’s Spring line looks oh so seventies! Check it out for a little inspiration.

Celebrating the 70’s in honor of my birthday!

Since I just celebrated a birthday I thought it would be perfect for me to write about a hot trend for the Spring-

70’s Style!!!

Yes, I was born in the 70’s and I love looking at pictures of my mom and my aunts during this time-they were so HIP and glamorous! Always sporting a great tan with big gold hoops, hair parted down the middle with big sexy loose curls.  I wish I had some pictures of them I could add (hint hint Mom).
I’ll have to get back to that.

Anyway, 70’s style is hot for the spring.
Wide leg trousers, floppy hats, peasant tops, chunky wooden wedge sandals, maxi dresses, jumpsuits and loose and bouncy hair.
(I’ve needed big hair to come back in style for a while now)
Jennifer Lopez looks great in her floppy hat and her fab scarf, I might have to try this since I have many many many BAD HAIR DAYS! 

I love Nicole Ritchie’s style. Her hair looks great parted down the middle with loose waves. Check out her new jewelry line -House of Harlow.

To pull off this look make sure you don’t do it from head to toe. Add a piece here and there. Wide leg jeans with a simple white top. A great black jumpsuit with a big pair of gold hoops. Big chunky wedges with a cool maxi dress. And if you are really brave you can wear a pair of hot pants!!

Don’t throw away your skinny jeans, just try something new! High waisted wide legged trousers with a tall wedge will actually elongate you if you are petite. Trust me I know!!!

jeans- j brand Lovestory Flare

Alice + Olivia Maxi                                                
 Victoria Secret Wedges         
I think this belt would be perfect for my 70’s look, I might need to learn to crochet!

 When your getting dressed add a little inspiration by downloading songs by Diana Ross, Roberta Flack and Sly and the Family Stone! You’ll be ready for a night on the town…..

Good Morning Girls!!!

Today was the first day in a long time that these girls have seen the sun and they were oh so happy! The weather here has been terrible and my nemesis the OWL has been circling my backyard waiting…..don’t ask!!! Aren’t OWLS supposed to sleep during the day?

I know it’s not fashion, or bargains, or trends but it is KFC, Noodle Soup and Pot Pie and I couldn’t resist!

Pot Pie and KFC

KFC is the most social of the bunch, we have had her since she was just a couple of days old. She follows me around like a dog.

Although it looks like Noodle Soup needed some TLC this morning, here she comes!

Today my children got out of school for spring break so I hope to be able to blog on our much needed escape from Atlanta, if not I will see you in a week!!
XO, Fashionable CHICKs


Yup, it’s true-today I was a cheap chic! And it was so fun…
I went to Old Navy to load up on Spring Break gear for my children and went a little overboard! 
All of these pieces came from OLD NAVY
Today I'm a CHEAP CHICK!
I fell in love with these white linen flare pants, nautical tee and great cocktail ring and who doesn’t want a YELLOW POLKA DOT bikini???
The gauzy linen shorts will work great for my constant trips to the ball park along with these comfortable flip flops. My girlfriends always crack up at my definition of BALLPARK SHOES!!! 
(They are not always the most practical but hey, they are cute! And a short girl needs some height!!)

I know places like Target and Old Navy are always hit or miss but if you add some great designer pieces each season you can always fill in with VERY affordable tanks etc. and NO ONE will ever know the difference!
(I always buy my super trendy pieces cheap)
XO, fashionably chick