No Work and ALL Play

I know I’ve been away for a while and I apologize, as most of you know life gets in the way. Work, children’s schedules etc. BUT IM BACK…….
Today I actually had the day off from work and had a million things to do. You all will be proud of me, I’ve been cleaning out my closet and organizing it (something that is very therapeutic for me and I plan on posting some pictures soon) and I took a huge pile to the consignment store. Hopefully I’ll make a little money in the process! To reinvest of course!
I’m trying to decide the best way to organize clothes, at the moment whatever I am doing IS NOT WORKING!
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
I love this outfit, I wore this today and I felt cute but it was comfy! And yes I do fall prey to staying in my workout clothes all day!

Pants- Sanctuary
blouse- Joie
Shoes- seychelles
cluch- marysol
jewelry- gorjana

song of the day-
Give Into Me by Garrett Hedlund
(Country Strong)

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