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All Things Town and A Little Country

A Little Less Town….More Country

   Ahhhh, it’s finally arrived! Things have slowed down so much in the last week and it feels MARVELOUS! Although, I have to say I’m still adjusting to my summer “less work” schedule. I find myself getting lazy and I have to force myself to just “go with it”! I pretty much thrive on a fast pace, jam packed, run till you drop type of life style.  But my children are getting older and I’m trying to take in every memory and every special moment. My 12 year old asked me to snuggle the other night and I wish I could have frozen that moment. I savored every minute…. 
    So, I’m going to SLOW down this summer, I want more COUNTRY moments and less TOWN moments for sure. I want to soak up the sun, relax, read, find joy in the smallest things and last but not least dream of the outdoor shower I want to install at my house!!! I’m not kidding! 
    As I have said before, I spent a lot of time in the Bahamas as a child. These are my fondest memories and we always had an outdoor shower. There is nothing better in the world than coming home salty and sun burned and showering under the stars! 
    When my children were little we would have “Cousin Chaos” at my Uncle Tommy and Aunt Laura’s Beach House, I think we had on the average of 11 children ranging from infant to 10 during those years….chaotic for sure! But what a blast! My special treat for the day would be to wait until ALLLL the children had gone to bed, pour a glass of wine and head to take my shower outside under the stars! Nothing better!
So- cheers to the start of summer, cheers to our precious children, cheers to good friends, cheers to sparklers, cheers to good summer romance novels, cheers to sundresses and flip-flops, cheers to afternoon cocktails, cheers to summer baseball games and trips to the beach, and mostly cheers to finding the ultimate outdoor shower this summer!!!

XO, All things country and a little town!
(for the moment)