Thrifty Thursday!

Im declaring this thrifty Thursday!!!
Was browsing my usual shopping sites this morning at 5am, it’s my wake up and drink my coffee time before I need to get dressed for work.
It never fails that I dump stuff in my “shopping cart” but never really purchase….
Am I the only person who does this??
It feels like shopping but you don’t spend the money!
Stupid, I know.
It’s therapy.
Anyhow, this morning I came across Zara and they have some really cute work dresses, bags and cool shoes for the fall all for UNDER $100!

Girls-invest in an animal print shoe for the fall/winter.
If leopard is to bold for you go for the python instead. I swear you will wear them all the time!
Heres a night out look that I love, this dress will last you for years!
I think it’s only $150….not bad

Fall Fashion in my FUTURE!

Trust me I know it is HOT as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks (as my daughter would say)
BUT I’m looking forward to a little change in my wardrobe.

I love Atlanta in the Fall! I love Football Season, I love Halloween, I love watching the Leaves Change, I love Fall Festivals, I love Pumpkins, I love how all the neighbors begin to take 
Evening Walks and Linger A Little Longer and 
I love sitting outside by the fire with a tall glass of
Ahhh, I can’t wait!
Here are a few of my MUST HAVES for Fall….
My #1 has to be Michael Kors new CHOCOLATE stainless steel watch- DEVINE!
That will definitely be my first “BACK to WORK” purchase as a kudos to myself!
(PS. Sorry for the icky image, Im having POLYVORE issues)

I saw a girl at market last weekend and she had on the BEST jeans, I stopped her to ask her about them. She swore by them, JBrand Love Story Jeans. They have a wide leg but are skinny down past the knee which I love, they are so flattering! I’m going to get some ASAP! Hey, I actually have Casual Fridays at work so I neeeeed some new jeans, right?!
Some Chick Inspiration-
Music- Matt Kearney (I love his entire new album)
“Hey Mama”
Quote of the Day-
“Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting it”
-Mae West
Fashionable Chick

Back to Work Wants….

As most of you know, I’m leaving the world of fashion for a bit and entering the business world!! That doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing about it though! No worries! You all have been so supportive and I promise I’ll keep blogging. (Maybe some of you will start to follow my software blog although I doubt it) Of course I can’t start a new job with out thinking about my working wardrobe. So for all of you who work or are going back to work here are some of my “WANTS” to get my business attire started! I’m determined to not get in the rut of business boring! With a couple of key purchases (i.e. black slacks and a black pencil skirt) I should be able to incorporate some of my fun Poppy’s pieces with my conservative pieces! Bring on the handbags, shoes and jewelry to spice it up a bit!
It’s all about the Accessories anyway!

1. Black Pencil Skirt (check)
2. Joie Ivory Blouse- great alone or layered with a blazer (check)
3. Handbag big enough for a laptop! 
4. Nude suede pump (check)
5. Black Calvin Pump (check)
6. Theory Slacks and Blazer
7. Classic dresses
I’ll keep you updated! I sure will miss my Poppy’s Girls but I’ll still keep one foot in the door!
Back to Business,
Fashionable WORKING Chick