I hear ya God….

Sometimes It Hits You Like A TON of BRICKS!!!

I have mentioned on my Fashionable CHICks Facebook page that I keep coming across these really amazing artists. I feel like God is trying to tell me something……

Yes, I have to admit I am somewhat of a computer nerd and I spend a lot of time reading blogs, researching the latest gadgets and fashions of course. So in doing this, I keep finding artists that really inspire me to get back into my studio. It has been so long since I have painted (other than your typical school project) that I am sure that my paints are dried up and my brushes are hard as a rock!

If you know me and my work, you know that I used to paint a lot of nudes. My thirteen year old son finds this very odd! But yesterday I came across the work of Natasha Law. She is Jude Law’s sister and quite a talented artist. How much talent and good looks can one family get??

Here is some of her work, very modern forms and I love the colors! So simplistic yet so powerful. I believe her medium is high gloss paint on metal.

One of these would look perfect in my house, better get painting!

Stay tuned, maybe I will find the time to paint…..
Fashionable CHICk

Every One Needs A Little Sparkle

Every One Needs A Little Sparkle

Since old man winter decided to come a little early, I thought we all needed a little SHINE to get us to the weekend! 

I have a party on Saturday and Im really wanting to find a sequin skirt to wear! Add a cute tuxedo jacket with it to dress it up or add a denim shirt tied in a knot with a cute pair of pumps and you are ready to hit the town with the girls!! 

Ignore the fact that this jacket cost a bazillion dollars, you can find them anywhere. Try your local vintage store. And remember what I always say about blazers, buy a size smaller. It will be a lot more sexy and feminine for sure!!

Fashionable CHICk

Haven’t forgotten about the CHICkens….

Happy Friday Everyone!!
Since I haven’t mentioned my sweets chicks in a while I thought I would give you an update.
My sweet sweet “show” chicken Ichiro (my son named her after a baseball player, in case you were wondering) is in chicken heaven. We joke about the fact that she was a show chicken because when I bought her I called my husband because I was so excited-he said “How much did you just spend on a show chicken?” I told him to brace himself and he might want to sit down for this one, “15 bucks!!” 

Ichiro coming to great me
As Ive mentioned before, Ive realized thru this chicken process that chickens are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain. Yes, we live in the heart of a big city but we live in a very wooded area with lots of coyotes, foxes and my arch nemesis the HAWK. Im starting to hate those dern things. I’m not sure what got her but it truly broke my heart. She was the momma hen of the bunch and brought all new meaning to the word waddle! Believe it or not chickens are like dogs, you pull in the driveway and they come running. It truly warms my heart when the hens and the dogs all come running to greet me.  And Ichiro’s waddle brought a smile to my face everyday. I think she put on a few extra pounds since coming to live at the Meshad abode. But a fat CHICK is a happy CHICK! Right?

One big happy family

My other hens are quite upset about Ichiro and have since quit laying eggs. Who knew chickens were so sentimental? More to follow because I’m getting the itch to get a new hen…..the others feel lonely. 
Back to fashion next week! Heading to market this weekend so I’ll have lots of fashion updates for spring and summer…can’t wait!!
Happy Fall Y’All!
Fashionable CHICk
Had to add this shot of Copper, too cute not to share!

Cooler weather is ahead

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, still trying to figure out my “new NORM”! It’s not just the blog that has fallen thru the cracks, its my diet, my exercise program, my laundry-you name it!!

I’m slowly getting there, my clothes not fitting is going to be my number one KICK IN THE BUTT to exercise, whenever it may be.

I’m going to try something new in the next few weeks. Im going to just name a couple of items a month to invest in. Consider it a “build your wardrobe” bootcamp! That way you don’t feel overwhelmed when updating your wardrobe! Hows that? Hope these help. I take for granted how much I love to shop but I do know that for most it doesn’t come that easy to try new things or decide between the EVER CHANGING trends.

For October Im thinking you all need to purchase two things:
1.)Bow blouse– yes these look like something your mother wore in the 80’s but the new twist is a little more feminine and sexy. Looks great for work but also with a pair of flared jeans for a night on the town. They are everywhere this season.
I like the ones that are v-necked so you don’t look so “buttoned up”.

2.) Cape- a great new trend this season. Paired with a pair of skinny jeans and boots and your good to go. Would look great at a football game this fall when it gets cooler. Be careful with the length. If you are petite make sure you get one thats not too long. It will weigh you down.

Happy Shopping!
Fashionable CHICK