I hear ya God….

Sometimes It Hits You Like A TON of BRICKS!!!

I have mentioned on my Fashionable CHICks Facebook page that I keep coming across these really amazing artists. I feel like God is trying to tell me something……

Yes, I have to admit I am somewhat of a computer nerd and I spend a lot of time reading blogs, researching the latest gadgets and fashions of course. So in doing this, I keep finding artists that really inspire me to get back into my studio. It has been so long since I have painted (other than your typical school project) that I am sure that my paints are dried up and my brushes are hard as a rock!

If you know me and my work, you know that I used to paint a lot of nudes. My thirteen year old son finds this very odd! But yesterday I came across the work of Natasha Law. She is Jude Law’s sister and quite a talented artist. How much talent and good looks can one family get??

Here is some of her work, very modern forms and I love the colors! So simplistic yet so powerful. I believe her medium is high gloss paint on metal.

One of these would look perfect in my house, better get painting!

Stay tuned, maybe I will find the time to paint…..
Fashionable CHICk

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