Lipstick for your home…huh?

Painted doors are so inviting to me. 
I always say they are like lipstick for your home….
my front door is bright red. 
I love it. 
 It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I drive down the driveway.
I joked the other day that I wanted to paint my door hot pink– wouldn’t that be fabulous?
My family about died. Especially my teenage son!
I would love to be known as the lady with the hot pink door.
That would be a great title to a book. 
Maybe I’ll write it one day……
This is pretty yummy, you have to admit!
Ok, maybe not hot pink but how about turquoise, kelly green,bright yellow or a beautiful royal blue?

There is just something about the red ones though that make me smile.
I must be a red door kind of gal, I’ll take it.
Don’t stop at the front door, this yellow fireplace is somethin’ else.
Happy Friday CHICKs!

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