Heading in Search of the Sun

Heading in Search of the Sun
Heading in Search of the Sun by fashionablechicks 

Heading South for the week and I can’t wait! I feel like a kid again, this week has gone by so incredibly slow!

Looking forward to spending time with my children away from the phones and tv’s and computers.
Looking forward  to finishing my book and starting a new one.
Looking forward to the sunsets.
Looking forward to lots of cousin time.
Looking forward to visits to the Sugar Shack.
Looking forward to a very cold beverage.
Looking forward to long walks.
Looking forward to no work and all play.
Looking forward to drip castles.
Looking forward to mermaids.
Looking forward to seeing lots of stars.
Looking forward to listening to good music.
Looking forward to feeling rested……
should I go on?

Oh, sorry I was day dreaming, back to the fashion blog.
Must pack all of the above.
Big hats, sunscreen, sunglasses and a bikini is really all I need.
But I love a denim shirt as a cover up, a light sweater for cool nights.
A great pair of gold thong sandals, a cool DVR coverup.
A pair of gold hoops and Im good to go.
All set!

Fashionable CHICKs

Hopefully the soon the be bronzed CHICK!

Great weekend with the Fam….

I’m pooped and it’s Sunday. This usually means that I’m already in bed at this time but….I had such a great weekend with family that I had to share!
The weekend started off with my mother in law coming to town on Thursday. I am very lucky, she is wonderful. Actually she introduced me to two awesome products this weekend-I had to share with the CHICKs.
The first is this great Horse Power nail polish by Butter.
I have the worst nails and I can already tell a difference after three days.
I’m going to buy it this week!
Isn’t she cool!
She has beautiful skin and she let me in on her body lotion secret.
Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Souffle Body Cream.
It’s dreamy!

Friday brought more guests-my brother and future sis in law.
They came to town so Allie and I could shop for wedding dresses.
Saturday we set out on a mission.
We actually went to Bridals by Lori (you know the Say Yes To The Dress Store)
Flo helped us and she was great!
We had a blast and actually think we found the ONE.
More to come on that.
These are not THE ONE but pretty ones at that, I secretly wanted to try one on!
My next mission was a girly girl lunch with mimosas.
We headed to B’s Bistro and it was just what we wanted.
Lunch outside with the girls, perfect.
We had a great time, we ended the day exhausted and tired but it was perfect.
I was so honored that she wanted me to go shopping with her!
 I love her already and I know she will be a beautiful bride-my brother is one lucky guy…….
This is my end of the day SWAG pic, it couldn’t come off fast enough.
Have a wonderful week
I’m counting down the days until I am beach bound on Friday.
Stay tuned for my whats in the bag blog…… 
no blogging for me next week!

Bathing Suit Season…

So its that time of year ladies… When the weather is beautiful and the only thing you want to do is head off to an island like this… 
But when you head for the beach… you also have to consider what to wear to the beach… 
Its bathing suit time…. 
To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of bathing suits…. Maybe because in high school I worked at a bathing suit store called Water Water Everywhere… Yes I said that correctly… But it always seems to me that bathing suits always look like this on the models… 
But then you try them on… and you feel more like this…. 
Not exactly what I’m going for… 
So I am thinking this year I am going to try out the tankini  or even… dare I say it… a one piece…
I am thinking something along the lines of this… 
or maybe even this… 
I think they could be winners… Still cute and able to hide those amm… not so friendly areas of your body. 
We’ll see how it goes!

But I have to get on it soon.  Only two more weeks til the beach for me!!!
It might be fair to say I am counting the days. 

Happy Tuesday Chicks!!! 

The Hi and the Low of it All…

The Hi-Low Dress is a Spring/Summer Staple- Add it to your list.
I think it is a great spin on the maxi or mini for that matter.

Akiko-This is my fav.

Aqua, Spendid


This is a great trend to show a little leg but still look classy and age appropriate.

Great with a thong sandal or a wedge.
Very wearable.
Perfect for the beach, for drinks, for dinner with the girls.
It’s on my list FO SHO.

Another great addition to your Spring Shopping List would be this Michael Kors Sandal.
It comes in Nude & ORANGE, I think I need both.
You can wear these with everything….

Fashionable CHICKs

Take Me Away….

Take Me Away....
Susana Monaco Dress from Poppy’s of Atlanta
As you can see I am wanting two things in my life right now.

Vacation. Simplicity.

Easy clothes that look great and are simple, comfortable and not fussy.

I love this simple column Susana Monaco maxi for the summer.
I actually got it in navy.
I can’t wait to wear it.

It will look great with these matching Kenneth Jay Lane Studded Cuffs. 

Having matching cuffs is a simple way to take an ordinary outfit and make it special. 

And with my new favorite flips flops.

They are the best and very affordable- around $45.
They come in all different colors but I love the nude ones.

Fashionable CHICKs

Dreaming of Becoming A Modern Woman….

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but maybe not.
I am fascinated with Modern Architecture. 
Seeing my house that I live in now, you would never know this obsession.
 If I could start from scratch this is what it would look like.
Ideally mixed in with antiques and things I’ve collected thru the years…..
this is what the outside would look like.

One of my favorite designers is Kelly Werstler. I covet her interiors. A few years ago, my girlfriend got married at The Tides in South Beach. Kelly did the interiors. FAB!
this is what in the INSIDE would look like.
The Tides

Kelly Werstler Home

I love this chandelier.
And last but not least, an outdoor shower.
Happy Friday CHICKs!
Hope this inspires some of you to think outside the box. 
Be Different, Be Original!

My favorite time of year …

So keeping with the birthday theme, (Happy Birthday FashionableCHICKS! I love you Leslie for creating this fabulous blog and letting me be a small part of it), I decided it would be appropriate to discuss my favorite month of the year: APRIL.
Why might you ask? Well, April happens to be my birthday month (Leslie’s too) AND my anniversary month. I was born on 4/24/84 and I got married on 4/4/09. As you can tell, four is my favorite number for good reason. My poor husband probably was not sure what he was thinking getting married the same month as my birthday.
So right around, lets be honest, the beginning of march, I start thinking of what I might want for my birthday and anniversary.  If I could have ANYTHING in the world, my list might look something like this…
1. A BEEAAUUTTIIFFUULLL Chanel quilted handbag. So classic…


       2. A trip to the City of Lights. I am dying to go on vacation right now….


3. The glorious Chanel Jacket….

4. This AMAZIINNGGG Closet…. I would never leave

5. This quaint beach house in Maui. Should do just fine. 


Alas, I am not sure any of these will make it to my birthday/anniversary present table. But that’s ok. A girl has to dream right… And hey, I am pretty lucky in life anyway :). Even being a lawyer.
What’s on your dream birthday/anniversary wish list?

Happy Birthday CHICKs….

Guess what today is?
Today is Fashionable CHICKs 1st Birthday!
It’s really hard to believe that it’s been a year. I started writing one night until the wee hours of the morning and I continue to write until the weeee hours of the morning and I LOVE IT!
Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me and encouraged me this year. I truly love contributing every week and hopefully, just hopefully ONE DAY, Fashionable CHICKs will get recognized! Fashion is truly something I am passionate about, I love helping all of you with everyday fashion and design advice. I love interacting with people and hearing your fashion woes.
Keep doing what you are doing and telling your friends, your co-workers, your sisters, your cousins, your neighbors…..
So over 50 posts later, 959 Facebook Fans and 30+ Followers thru Blogger
We would like to say Thank YOU!
This is the life I love…

I was really hoping for George or Ryan as our birthday present but that didn’t happen-

So we will keep on writing, loving fashion, art and design
And we are so thankful for all of you on our 1st Birthday!

Let’s hope for many more!
Fashionable CHICKs

All in the Accessories…..

I believe that true style boils down to the finishing touches.
Start off with a great pair of jeans and a white T.
Pile on the bracelets- Im CRAZY about bracelets and bangles.

Add a great scarf- My two favorites are Love Quotes and Chan Luu

This Hermes Belt is a wardrobe must, they are reversible and NEVER, let me repeat will NEVER go out of style.

Love this outfit, simple and perfect but add boots and a bag and you’re looking good

Add a blazer. A must for work or weekend.
I can’t live without my Aviators.

Dream Bag! 

More Bracelets…
Now this is what Im talkin’ about right here girls……

Simple trench, awesome orange clutch

Hubba hubba- I promise he won’t care how much they cost!

And most importantly- a smile and confidence.
You are always prettier when you smile. Smile Big!

Happy Friday CHICKs!

Headboard Envy

So I think I must be going through a phase… When we moved into our house three years our bedroom was and still is a really pretty steel blue color. We had bought some bedroom furiniture which I loved and I finished it all with a Pottery Barn siesel rug and black and white quilt.
But call it boredom… I still love my bedroom, but I have been daydreaming about completely re-doing it with all new furniture bedding etc. 
I know they are the total trend at the moment but I LOVE upholstered headboards.. I love the neutral ones, the patterned ones, all of the above.
Add caphttp://evadesigns.com/bedroom/high-to-low-upholstered-headboards.htmltion

I would then add some beautiful mirrored nightstands… just to give it a little pop…
I would finish it off to look something along the lines of these… I would even re-use my sisel rug… see I am even being economical… 🙂
Add chttp://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=397aption
All in due time.  What room are you itching to re-do?