Headboard Envy

So I think I must be going through a phase… When we moved into our house three years our bedroom was and still is a really pretty steel blue color. We had bought some bedroom furiniture which I loved and I finished it all with a Pottery Barn siesel rug and black and white quilt.
But call it boredom… I still love my bedroom, but I have been daydreaming about completely re-doing it with all new furniture bedding etc. 
I know they are the total trend at the moment but I LOVE upholstered headboards.. I love the neutral ones, the patterned ones, all of the above.
Add caphttp://evadesigns.com/bedroom/high-to-low-upholstered-headboards.htmltion

I would then add some beautiful mirrored nightstands… just to give it a little pop…
I would finish it off to look something along the lines of these… I would even re-use my sisel rug… see I am even being economical… 🙂
Add chttp://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=397aption
All in due time.  What room are you itching to re-do?


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