My favorite time of year …

So keeping with the birthday theme, (Happy Birthday FashionableCHICKS! I love you Leslie for creating this fabulous blog and letting me be a small part of it), I decided it would be appropriate to discuss my favorite month of the year: APRIL.
Why might you ask? Well, April happens to be my birthday month (Leslie’s too) AND my anniversary month. I was born on 4/24/84 and I got married on 4/4/09. As you can tell, four is my favorite number for good reason. My poor husband probably was not sure what he was thinking getting married the same month as my birthday.
So right around, lets be honest, the beginning of march, I start thinking of what I might want for my birthday and anniversary.  If I could have ANYTHING in the world, my list might look something like this…
1. A BEEAAUUTTIIFFUULLL Chanel quilted handbag. So classic…

       2. A trip to the City of Lights. I am dying to go on vacation right now….

3. The glorious Chanel Jacket….

4. This AMAZIINNGGG Closet…. I would never leave

5. This quaint beach house in Maui. Should do just fine.

Alas, I am not sure any of these will make it to my birthday/anniversary present table. But that’s ok. A girl has to dream right… And hey, I am pretty lucky in life anyway :). Even being a lawyer.
What’s on your dream birthday/anniversary wish list?

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