Bathing Suit Season…

So its that time of year ladies… When the weather is beautiful and the only thing you want to do is head off to an island like this…
But when you head for the beach… you also have to consider what to wear to the beach… 
Its bathing suit time…. 
To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of bathing suits…. Maybe because in high school I worked at a bathing suit store called Water Water Everywhere… Yes I said that correctly… But it always seems to me that bathing suits always look like this on the models…
But then you try them on… and you feel more like this….
Not exactly what I’m going for… 
So I am thinking this year I am going to try out the tankini  or even… dare I say it… a one piece…
I am thinking something along the lines of this…
or maybe even this…
I think they could be winners… Still cute and able to hide those amm… not so friendly areas of your body. 
We’ll see how it goes!

But I have to get on it soon.  Only two more weeks til the beach for me!!!
It might be fair to say I am counting the days. 

Happy Tuesday Chicks!!! 

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