My Fav White Tank

My Fav White Tank

Ok, it is no secret.
I have said it a hundred times before.
I can not live without plain white “wife beater” tanks.
So today I decided to do the “Wife Beater” three ways-
Work, Weekend and Nights
For work (of course), you need a cardi or a blazer.
For weekend, show some skin and enjoy the sun.
For nights, the tank/blazer combo is literally my go-to outfit
add a sexy pair of skinnies and an awesome shoe and you are out the door!
All of these pieces are interchangeable, switch it up!
Wear the shorts out at night with the blazer.
Wear the hi-lo skirt out to lunch with the girls.
I could go on and on….are you tired of me yet?
Happy Shopping
Fashionable CHICKs
Oh, look who greeted me this morning on my way to work! My favorite CHICKs! If you don’t know this already, these girls right here are why my blog is named Fashionable CHICKs! These are my babies!

KFC and Ralph – Yes, they are girls but with boy names!

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