Every Blogger Needs a Break

I’m back….
I apologize for the lack of blogs this summer.
I think I needed a creative break.

I also am in the midst of a blog redesign, so I have been meeting with the awesome web/brand creators -The Atlanta Brand
as well as the talented fashion photographer- Ish Holmes
discussing creative ideas and the overall style and look of the new Fashionable CHICKs!
I can not wait for you all to see,
All Things town and a Little Country for sure!

Closet Organizing 101

In the meantime, I have been tackling projects at home and cleaning out and organizing my own closet.
How can I help others with their wardrobes and personal style if mine is a wreck at home??

It is almost finished.
The next big step is ordering allll new hangers, so please ignore the hangers.
Jackets and Blazers- you know I am a sucker for a blazer!

Here are a few cleaning out and organizing tips.
Toss, toss, toss.
You have read it a million times but if you have not worn it in the last year or max two years.
Toss it. Donate it. Whatever.
If its ripped, faded, missing a button that you will never replace.
Toss it. Donate it. Whatever.

My closet is half cedar closet so hence the ugly walls.
Shoes. Slight obsession but hey-
Shoes Always Fit.
Up 5 lbs or down 5 lbs.
Organized by style and then color.
Boots, Wedges, Pumps
Every Fashionable CHICK needs cowgirl boots!

and Wellies…I love these with the red zipper in the back.

Clutches are organized on a shelf by color.

 Handbags are hanging so that they don’t lose their shape.
These belts don’t hang well so I roll them up on a shelp. The other’s I hang on pegs.

Blouses organized by color.

Pants organized by color.
Now on to jewelry-
 This is challenging!

Small dishes to keep everyday rings and small dainty pieces.

Every girl must own one of these. Great for keeping earrings organized and easy to find as you are trying to dash out the door.

I keep these trays in a drawer. Soft, bendable bracelets on the left.
Bangles and Cuffs on the right.
Wrap Bracelets in the center.

Tray for Sunglasses.
My closet is not fancy and it has a weird layout but by keeping it organized and CLEANED out, it makes getting dressed so much less of a disaster!
Hope this helps.
 And I am always happy to help those that are challenged when it comes to throwing out the junk!
I love to purge!
Happy Cleaning!
Fashionable CHICKs
Here are a couple of pics from my life the last couple of weeks.
Celebrating a birthday and a baby with a
Pool day and girls night out at the St. Regis

One day at the office, wearing my favorite Milly dress !

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