Repeat After Me….

Ok, we all do it. We all beat ourselves up.
We are our own worst critic!
Well, let’s all stop right here!
Trust me, I am the worst.
This weekend I had a moment where my insecurities took over.  They almost crippled me. I almost canceled, made another excuse to not do something that I knew would take courage, force me to be uninhibited, force me outside my comfort zone.This may take some of you by surprise but trust me, I put on a good show.
I had to tell myself over and over
“I am beautiful” to get the voices out of my head.
I wasn’t telling myself that to make me feel beautiful on the outside-
 I had to convince myself that what makes me beautiful is what is on the inside.
My heart, my courage, my drive, my determination, my mind, my soul.
Why do we do it? Why do we beat ourselves up?
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not applied for a job or not submitted a painting to a gallery.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted pictures on my camera or chopped off my head in a Fashionable CHICKs shot.
I would much rather be behind the camera than in front.
Be behind the scenes. Be the Indian, not the Chief.It all comes down to fear.
As I have been working on my new website, every time a photographer sends me pictures from the shoot I hate them! Not because he is a bad photographer but because I find all the wrinkles, the pudge of fat under my arm. Something.
I am also afraid of launching the new website. Will it be successful, will it succeed?So how does this pertain to fashion?
Be fearless. Wear what makes you happy. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get each week about what to wear- what shoes, what necklace, what earrings?
What cocktail dress, what type of jeans, pumps, bra, you name it.
Go for it, who cares!
So here’s to the wrinkles, the pudge, the grey hair, the photos, the new website, the dreams!
I have big dreams, I mean really big dreams. Off the charts, over the moon big dreams!
But the number one thing that holds me back is INSECURITY!
I’m scared to jump, scared to be vulnerable, scared to screw up,
scared to be criticized.
My goal this year is to JUMP, I’m ready!
Do what makes you happy, do what you love.
This is my new mantra.
Stand Tall and Smile.
Take risks.
Move Forward.
Fashionable CHICKs

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