The Spotted Chick

I always say animal print (especially leopard) never goes out of style.

Back in the interior decorating phase of my life I would tell my clients

to look in a 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000

Architectural Digest and you will always see a touch of animal print.

The same goes with fashion.

A nice leopard print belt, pair of flats or clutch will last you for years.

I don’t mean go all “Snooki” on me!


Love this leopard runner.

Leopards look great with color.

A  pair of colored jeans.

A bright kelly green blouse/dress/jeans.

Love this orange jacket with the shoes or the clutch or BOTH!

Even better, keep those white jeans out ALLL winter and pair it with a white T

and this killer spotted coat!

Olivia does NO wrong!

If you do not want to invest in an expensive leopard piece-
pick up an inexpensive scarf from H&M

J. Lo looks fab with her white pants, mustard jacket and leopard clutch.

No need to say a word!
Pure perfection in every way!

You ALL Know I’m addicted to Zebra Rugs.
A must for all

Happy Shopping my Spotted Chicks!

Song of the week:

My new Favorite song for sure!

Mumford and Sons

I Will Wait

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