5 Must Haves for November

My List is Growing….

When the air gets cooler in November I love getting dressed in the morning.

I love layers and I love to mix and match different textures.

You don’t walk out of the house and melt like you do in August or September!

Here are some of the items that I cannot live without in the fall.

1. David Lerner Leggings-

I bought these last year but wore them on Saturday night to a party and they made me so happy!

Mix with boots, a cool denim shirt or a tunic paired with a tweed or leather jacket.

Add a Chan Luu or Love Story Scarf and your are off!

David Lerner Leggings



2.Riding Boots-

Ok, so I never thought I would say that I love riding boots. I hate flat anything!

But I guess after 5 days of wearing heels to work my feet have had enough. Oh I am positive that I will be crippled one day!

So on the weekends, flat riding boots it is.

 I know boots are an investment but you don’t have to buy new ones every year if you treat them with care.

If you buy suede boots, make sure you ScotchGuard them or spray them with a suede protectant.

Take your old boots to the shoe repair store, have them resoled and polished and they will look like new!

My favorite riding boots are over 10 years old!

 Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots



These are from www.target.com, Yup!

I think I’ll buy these too! Only 75 Bucks! Woot Woot!

3. Emerald Anything-

I am loving everything in this color right now.

I want an emerald green wool coat! I love bright emerald green, royal blue or red paired with leopard.

Here is an awesome outfit from www.tulipano.com

4. Leather Anything-

I mentioned this earlier in the fall but thought I would revisit because leather is a must this fall/winter.

If you do not feel comfortable wearing a leather skirt or pair of pants, leather trimmed dresses and blouses are great as well.


213 Industry Leather Sleeve Mini Dress


This dress is H-O-T! I love it!

Add black tights and booties- your luva will luv it!

5. A Man’s Watch-

You all know my love of a man with a really nice watch. Yes, its true.

I’ve always said that style is in the details.

These are two of my new favorites, they are very affordable.

Great Christmas Gift for the man in your life……

or for yourself! I’ll have one on my list!



Hubba Hubba! I’ll take him and the watch!

Hope you have a good week! Thank you all for your continued love and support!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for the CHICKS!

Inspiration for the week

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