Nothing Better Than A Little Vino

Burgundy That Is….

So normally when winter starts approaching, my wardobe goes from color to anything but.

Usually I slowly transition to the grays, blacks, browns, possible a winter white.

But this winter, I plan on keeping the color.

In my last post I mentioned a beautiful Emerald Green.

My other fave for the fall/winter is Burgundy.

I am looking for a rich, lucious pair of suede burgundy pumps.

I think this will be a wonderful addition to my winter work wardrobe.

Paired with a pair of grey slacks or teal dress.

Sounds dreamy.

If you don’t need to spice up your work wardrobe then buy a pair of burgundy jeans or leather skirt.

A big slouchy sweater.

Anything you wish!

Perfect for a night by the fire with a big glass of the same.

Happy Fall Y’all!



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