Weekend Ready

Weekend Ready

It is almost here-

I don’t know about you but Halloween wears my A$$ out!
It never fails that even though I think I have prepared for the chaos, I ultimately forget something.
Whether it is cooking chili the night before to feed the masses of children
who end up at my house hungry and thirsty at the end of the night
the face paint for my daughter’s costume that I promised I would not forget
making sure my 14-year-old invites his friends to OUR house so I can actually spend some time with him!
Guess what CHICKs- I pretty much failed at all of the above this year.
But you know what I did do…
I made sure I called my daughter’s 5th grade teacher to make plans to read to her class on Halloween morning.
Since my oldest was 3 (11 years ago), I have put on my best witches costume, wig, makeup, striped socks, broom, hat and all and read Halloween books to their classroom.
This year was officially the last time I would ever do that. It brought tears to my eyes just sending the email to dear Mrs. Schirmer- she’s knows the deal as my son had her as a 5th grade teacher as well.
She said she even got tears in her eyes just the thought of it being my last time.
Well, as all my mother hens know all to well-
I had created this moment, made a big deal of it, cried about it, prayed for strength to not embarrass her
and cry as I read the story,
I could go on and on.
Guess what she said to me on Halloween morning?
“Mom, do you have to read? If you are going to read- do you have to wear the costume? Ok, if you have to wear the costume – please don’t wear the hat! Oh- and you are not reading MY MONSTER MOMMA LOVES ME SO!
I’m not kidding MOM!”
What? Is she really saying this? My last child? My sweet daughter?
Yes, she is. Yes, they are growing up. Yes, it hurt!
So…. I’m ready for the weekend. Ready to take off the employee hat, the volunteer hat, the mom hat.
Time to relax. Get comfortable. Less makeup. Less jewelry. Less STUFF. Start a fire. Have a glass of wine. Turn off the TV, the computer and listen to some good music!
Ok, and watch Alabama beat the Tigers!
Here’s to all my momma hens who understand how hard it can be and how hard it is to allow them to leave the nest-
even for just a night out trick or treating with their friends.
They will know one day that-


1. Love any sweater by Autumn Cashmere, they are dreamy.

You wish you could sleep in them!


2. AG jeans- I love these, they are just cool!


3. My new obsession – daniel wellington watches


4. Anything that Bobbi Brown makes that has the word NUDE in it

is my fave as far as makeup is concerned.


5. Chan Luu scarves –  pretty dang yummy.


6. Black Keys – Favorites are Howlin’ For You, Too Afraid to Love You and Next Girl


Here’s to the weekend!

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