Wedded Bliss- Part I

We had a wonderful weekend in St. Augustine

celebrating Layton and Allie’s wedding!

We kicked off the weekend with a great party at the

St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club on Thursday night.

Great time catching up with family and friends – new and old.

Listening to toasts of wonderful memories from our childhood, teens and college years.

Hard to believe my baby brother is married.


I decided to wear a blouse by one of my favorite Atlanta-based designers –

Annie Griffin Collection.

The Kate Blouse is part of their Holiday Collection 2012.

I absolutely love it.

Feminine and Classic. Very wearable for holiday as well as to the office or a night out with friends!

For the party, I paired it with a pair of my favorite David Lerner Leggings.

You can find both Annie Griffin and David Lerner at

Poppy’s of Atlanta.

Earrings: CV Designs

Bangles: some old, others from Kate Spade

Similar to this one. Allie gave them to me as a Bridesmaids Gift- she’s the best.

My cousins and my new sister-in-law ALLIE!

Total coincidence that my cousin Laurie was wearing an Annie Griffin Collection top as well!

The Allison Blouse

(Pictured above in Ivory)


I was lucky enough to sit down with Annie and Robin of Annie Griffin Collection the week before the wedding.

It was so fun! First of all, their office is very cool!

Second, I love seeing where they work and design. Of course, this would be my dream job and I really did not want to leave when it was over.

Maybe they will come and let me hang out another time, just to get my fill!

I loved hearing their story as well as some other fun facts about them.

I had questions….lots!


Q&A with Annie and Robin, the fabulous girls behind Annie Griffin

November 2011

What made you start the line?

Annie- I had been working for Pheobe Howard, an interior designer, and I spent a lot of time at ADAC looking for fabrics for our clients.When I would look at the fabrics, I always envisioned how they would look made into clothes. I decided to apply to SCAD and take fashion design classes. I started planning the line while taking classes and after two quarters I was eager and determined to start my own line. 

Robin, Annie’s sister, started working for Annie (while still in New York) in November 2010, and they became partners in September 2011 when she moved down to Atlanta.

What year was that? 

Annie- In 2008, I went back to school and I designed my first line in 2009 to be launched Spring 2010. We just completed Spring 2013!

What designers have always inspired you? 

Annie and Robin- We grew up going to a boutique in Memphis called Isabella. We fell in love with the colors and vibe of contemporary designers such as Tibi, Milly and Trina Turk. 

Who are your style icons?

Annie- Not original, but Blake Lively.  She has a great flair for fashion and everything she wears is always perfectly tailored to her body.

Robin- Rachel Bilson, I love her effortless vibe.

How would you describe your customer?

Preppy Chic- Someone who is interested in a classic wardrobe and investing in timeless pieces that can be worn at any age. 

What would you say is your wardrobe staple?

Robin- Silk Blouses

Annie- Black Skinny Jeans

Trends you are seeing for spring?

1. More color such as cobalt blue and orange

2. Stripes, stripes and more stripes!

What is your can’t live without beauty product?

Robin- Trish McEvoy, Beauty Booster

Annie- Bobbi Brown, Kir Sugar Lip Gloss

Libby- (Design and Promotions manager of Annie Griffin) Sunday by Bumble & Bumble

What is playing on your iPod?

 Annie- Anything by Ryan Adams

Robin- Susan Tedeschi, Bound For Glory

Libby- Blitzen Trapper Mix on Pandora


Hope you enjoy-

Wedded Bliss – Part II

Coming Soon.

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