How To Survive December

Oh No, Is it Really December?

(I had worse words but thought better of it)


December is filled with parties. Must have clothes for parties. For those parties you must have hostess gifts. Not to mention class parties. Teachers gifts. Family gifts. Childrens gifts. Angel Tree gifts. Must decorate. Must get a tree. Must cook Christmas dinner. Must keep house clean for guests. $H!#%&!

Ok, joking aside. I love the holidays. I actually love the hustle and bustle. My mother and I would always visit New York City the week before Christmas, we would save all of our shopping for this week. It turns into a game.

The hunt. The score.

 Sometimes it is the little things that make life a little easier, especially during the holidays.

The key – Be prepared!


1. Buy a Case of Wine

Put a beautiful wide silk ribbon on all 12 bottles with a gift tag. Every time you go to a party, grab a bottle- perfect.

All in the presentation. I make my family crazy about this. I hate gift bags!


2. Buy a Beautiful Blouse

Ideally in a metallic or regal blue, emerald green or red.

Add leather pants or jeans and a pair of knock out pumps for a night with girlfriends/mates to celebrate the holiday season.

Add skinny tuxedo pants or pencil skirt for the office Christmas Party.

I’m ditching the formal parties this year. Simplify.


3. Go to Etsy and buy a self inking address stamp

for your holiday cards.

No more breaking your hand with the embossing type for all of you holiday cards.

I love the custom stamps from The Paper Paramour.


4. Always have an easy appetizer on hand

My favorite is a goat cheese and sun dried tomato dip that is always a fave.

Keep the ingredients on hand ALL December.

1 Large roll of goat cheese

1 Jar of sun-dried tomatoes

Fresh basil-

Fresh garlic- 2 to 3 cloves

A pinch of salt


Combine sun-dried tomatoes, basil, garlic, salt in cuisinart until fully blended together.

Spread goat cheese in botttom of microwave safe dish.

Pour sun-dried tomato mixture on top.

Microwave for 3-4 minutes until bubbly.

Serve with Wheat Thins or your favorite cracker.


5. Have A Knock Out Dress

One that you can throw on for that last minute dinner party invite.

One that is effortless. Sexy. Sophistocated. One that makes you feel confident, in control, feminine.

No crazy undergarments involved. That can ruin a night.


Hope this helps,

As a working mother of three- these types of “in stock” items save my life!

Happy Holidays, let the fun begin!

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