As 2012 comes to an end,

I thought a Thankful blog post was very important.

Big year coming for me in 2013! Lawdy!


 Fashionable CHICKs 2 year Anniversary. Woot Woot!

My 40th year, Im trying to not say ugh and say HELL YES-Bring it on!

But looking back to 2012-

I’m thankful for

my supportive family-especially my children who have learned to appreciate my quality time but hopefully respect and will learn from my work ethic.

my friends (who I never see but seem to still love me and read my blog)

my “paying” job

my local Starbucks employees and patrons who I look forward to seeing EVERY morning.

I end phone calls with my MIP’s (most important peeps) for this stop!

For The Southern Coterie for bringing me on their C-Team,

and all of my Fashionable CHICKs.

Thank you.

I have big plans for 2013….

Looking Back on 2012-

set-29130628-bqcdaaaaawodanbnaaaabc5vdxqkfmpbzud3z0zlnejhzjz1nzbovvzxrmcaaaacawqkaxgaaaaec2l6zq Good Morning Girls!!! Celebrating the 70's in honor of my birthday! I hear ya God.... If I were planning a winter getaway.... Mirror Mirror on the Wall... Lipstick for your home...huh? Happy Birthday CHICKs.... Happy Birthday CHICKs.... All in the Accessories..... White Hot Summer May Giveaway! Time to Toast All of You! Summer Hat Love. Completely Jumping the Gun ahhhhh, it is here. Current FC Obsessions Every Blogger Needs a Break Every Blogger Needs a Break 20120819_SOPHISTICATED COUNTRY_ISH-237 cropped-jessica-leather-barn-bw.png Rock This Way Rock This Way Rock This Way All That Glitters Is Gold

I need these Louboutin pumps. Perfect in every way!

I need these Louboutin pumps. Perfect in every way!

158470480607694483_RkGzCwvd_f jeans 218424650648489493_WXpDZF3h_b 251920172875824998_XwaDC1F2_b 140315344610582553_O5J6THzi_b 250583166737902566_UWzyijxV_b 9922061649624408_TbteQ6nR_c 553515_10151106208510840_771800219_n 550217_371226622962163_1120992414_n c600x511 97108935686445147_KIUCjEgy_c TSCLogoSymbol-1024x977 photo photo l

Atlanta and Company

Atlanta and Company



One thought on “Thankful

  1. Leslie, I’m so proud of you for working hard, doing something you love and looking fabulous through it all!!

    Merry Christmas, Tricia

    Sent from my iPhone

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