Today during my lunch break I headed across the street for some retail therapy.
Yes, it is very dangerous to work across the street from two malls.
I try to stay away,
I’ve even gone so far as to ordering my makeup online so I do not step one foot into Phipps or Lenox.
It is dangerous.
Especially as the season is changing and the spring fashions are calling my name.
Who can relate to Isla Fisher in Confessions Of A Shopoholic?
I can!
All I have to say is this. Every pair of shoes that I have bought recently have been nude.
I think every one should own-

1. A Nude Pump

2. A Nude Ballet Flat

3. A Nude Flip Flop for Summer Months

4. A Nude Platform/Sexy Sandal

They go with everything, they will look great with a tan and they elongate your legs.
If you are vertically challenged like myself then this is very important!

Happy Shopping,


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