Oh No – I Shouldn’t Have!

I’m in big trouble!

Made a quick stop by W. Port on Saturday.


I have been meaning to go since Emily opened but I think I knew that the longer I could avoid it, the better.

I knew I would love every thing in there.

I love her style. Simple and easy but stylish and sophisticated.

I noticed she had received a shipment of my favorite summer flip flops, TKEES, on Facebook

photo 2

A WHOLE basket of TKEES.


(I’ve blogged about these before) and I had to go get some.

I even brought along my daughter so I couldn’t really “shop”!

First things first, picked out a fab pair of nude TKEES for the summer.

Not too much damage.

GO CHECKOUT NOW I heard that inner voice say.

No go.

My daughter pointed out a REALLY cute shirt. Ok, I’ll try it on. No harm in that.


I only tried on a couple of things…shhh.

Ohh, there’s the baseball tee I have been wanting.

Ohh, there’s the cute shirt in other colors.

Oh no.

Decided on that cute shirt- American Colors Shirt by Alex Lehr.

(the crinkly one in the pic)

Great shirt for the weekend or to even throw over your bathing suit in the summer.

I’ll need a few more.

photo 1

My daughter with W. Port store owner Emily.

photo 4

Love it all, going to be tough to stay away.

So, if you are in the Atlanta area or coming for a visit-

definitely visit Emily , you can also find her on Facebook at W. Port.

3232 Roswell Rd  Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 565-1644

Happy Shopping,

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