Happy Birthday CHICKs

 Fashionable CHICKs Turns 2!


It is hard to believe it has been two years.

I would be lying if I told you I have not thought about giving it up.

But it never fails that at that exact moment-

someone stops me or sends me an email thanking me for the advice.

This makes me so incredibly excited, you have no idea!

I love to talk about fashion, I love to tell you my favorite pieces and new designers.

So I hope you will continue to read and continue to support, the more I hear from you, the more it inspires me to keep writing.

Fashion is my hobby, truly.

I love to help others with clothes, I love to try new trends.

I love to shop.

I read something the other day from one of my favorite blogs- Momastery

“Shopping does not help me heal, but I will die trying to disprove that.”


I know shopping does not make your problems go away. Trust me.

But taking the time to walk around the mall, poke around on Pinterest or shop online sure takes away the pressures of the world sometimes.

I usually don’t even buy anything!

This may sound nuts but- spending quiet time organizing or cleaning out my closet is like meditation to me.

Quiet and Peaceful TIme. Try it, it works!

So, keep following, keep sharing, keep telling me your ideas.

I love it!

Looking forward to what’s to come for Fashionable CHICKS.

Maybe one of these days I can make it my career instead of my hobby- that would be dreamy!


Saw this the other day and had to share-

from now on I am going to get dressed every morning and be ready for my


Hoping it with be with a tv producer to give me my own show on the Style Network!

A girl can dream, right??


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