And The Countdown Begins…

I’ve got a pretty BIG birthday coming up.

No big deal. Ha.

Sure. I’ve got this.

At least today I do, ask me again on the actual day.

I know what would make this birthday A-OK

Here you go….a girl can dream, right???


You know I love a bangle, this is an all time favorite of mine.

Cartier Love Bracelet

3b2a869cf9d63757480cd9eaf93766a1Painting by Michael Carson- so Fashionable and Chic


Dinner with my girl crush Jennifer Lopez, I think she would like to hang out with me!


A Celine Bag? Every blogger needs a Celine Bag!


This vintage Rolex is pretty dreamy!


How about this beauty? The perfect gift! I would look fab in this car! I could pick Jennifer up for dinner in it!


Black diamond earrings by Jamie Wolf?

Ladies?? Back me up here!

Ok, those are big gifts.

I’ll just take him instead.


To be perfectly honest, all I really really want is…

a trip to the beach with all of my favorite chicks, lots of champagne and lots of dancing!

(and maybe a new outfit or two)




Is 40 the new 30? Or something like that? I hope so!

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