Gentlemen, it is all in the details.

Dear Dudes-

Like I tell the ladies, it is all in the details.

A nice watch. A great pair of shoes. A silk pocket square. A great blazer. A cool pair of cufflinks.

Keep it simple for great summer style.

I actually am not a fan of the super preppy look. Never been one for white bucks and seer sucker.

I like a classic look. Clean. Sophisticated.

A great summer suit. Loafers (no socks). A splash of color with a shirt or tie.

Here you go boys…or CHICKs if you are doing the shopping for your man.


Loving checks this summer.


I’m a sucker for a summer suit.


More checks-Hubba hubba.


Classic and simple yet strong.


My father NEVER wears socks, I love this look..


If you do wear socks..Add some color!


It is truly all about the watch in my opinion.
And you know I love some scruff!


Don’t forget vacation….

Happy shopping gentlemen,



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