Dress Obsessed

For all you workin’ girls,

Day or Night

You can’t beat the ease of a dress!

Wrap dresses are my NUMERO UNO-

you can find a classic black wrap dress in every price range (Old Navy to DVF).


Whether I am getting dressed for work or packing for a trip, or both.

My go-to is always a dress.

You will rarely see me in pants at the office unless it is freezing outside.



The days I can slip on a dress and a pair of pumps- I am out the door in no time flat.

The days I decide to wear slacks, then need to find a blouse, then a belt, then a pair of shoes that are the right height, etc….

I will seriously change clothes a hundred times!

I could fill my closet with work dresses and never look back.

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Paired with some cute pumps and bag and you are all set!

Trust me, it is a huge time and $$ saver.

Where to invest??

A classic dress will last you a few seasons, spend on the high end here.

Add “trendy” accessories that are less expensive.


No one will know if you have on an Old Navy dress if paired with some kick a$$ pumps!

Some of my favorite brands for work-

J. Crew


Trina Turk

Rebecca Taylor

Cynthia Steffe

Michael Kors

Calvin Klein


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