Out with the Old!!!

I’ve been doing some serious Spring Cleaning- from a nice clean hair cut, to my pantry (time to lose the winter L.B’s) and to my closet! 
I’ve been on a mission to clean out my closet. Half of the stuff I never wore, it was so crowded that I couldn’t find the pieces I did like to wear. Sound familiar? I wish I had taken some before pics. I wish I had these closets….

Here are some cleaning tips:

1. GIVE AWAY-Make a give away pile for Goodwill- this would be all your Target and Old Navy purchases that really only last a season or two. Trust me, as much as I love nice clothes I have a lot of this stuff in my closet!
2. CONSIGN-Make a pile to take to a consignment store- if you are in Atlanta I take my clothes to Labels.
It’s amazing how much money you can earn. Then you can RE-INVEST this money into new wardrobe purchases.
3. ORGANIZE– I like to organize by piece (i.e. dress, blouse, pants, etc) then in that category by color.
It’s amazing how much easier it is to get dressed in the morning. I promise.
Jewelry is always a challenge to keep organized. I have finally found a way to keep it from getting into a tangled mess! It’s not the prettiest display but IT WORKS!
Rings and beaded bracelets on the left, necklaces on the right

My chains that tend to get tangled I hang on the wall.
I’m obsessed with bangles and cuffs. 
 (notice the All Strung Out Designs Cuffs I mentioned in an earlier blog)
 I think I wear my gold bangles everyday!
I keep my dresses on a rolling rack because whoever designed my closet didn’t think about longer pieces.
Again, not pretty but it works.

Blouses to tanks organized by color on the top
Shorts, skirts and jeans on the bottom.
Im embarrassed to post this picture buttttt I really really love shoes!
My nicer shoes I keep in the bins (Container Store)
The others I organize by style and color.
It’s hard to see but the top center cubby is my clutches, this is a great way to store them so you can see them easily.
PS- My next mission is a coat hanger mission. I LOVE the new felt hangers!