Yup, it’s true-today I was a cheap chic! And it was so fun…
I went to Old Navy to load up on Spring Break gear for my children and went a little overboard! 
All of these pieces came from OLD NAVY
Today I'm a CHEAP CHICK!
I fell in love with these white linen flare pants, nautical tee and great cocktail ring and who doesn’t want a YELLOW POLKA DOT bikini???
The gauzy linen shorts will work great for my constant trips to the ball park along with these comfortable flip flops. My girlfriends always crack up at my definition of BALLPARK SHOES!!! 
(They are not always the most practical but hey, they are cute! And a short girl needs some height!!)

I know places like Target and Old Navy are always hit or miss but if you add some great designer pieces each season you can always fill in with VERY affordable tanks etc. and NO ONE will ever know the difference!
(I always buy my super trendy pieces cheap)
XO, fashionably chick