Thrifty Thursday!

Im declaring this thrifty Thursday!!!
Was browsing my usual shopping sites this morning at 5am, it’s my wake up and drink my coffee time before I need to get dressed for work.
It never fails that I dump stuff in my “shopping cart” but never really purchase….
Am I the only person who does this??
It feels like shopping but you don’t spend the money!
Stupid, I know.
It’s therapy.
Anyhow, this morning I came across Zara and they have some really cute work dresses, bags and cool shoes for the fall all for UNDER $100!

Girls-invest in an animal print shoe for the fall/winter.
If leopard is to bold for you go for the python instead. I swear you will wear them all the time!
Heres a night out look that I love, this dress will last you for years!
I think it’s only $150….not bad