All That Glitters Is Gold

To know me is to know I love some gold bling….and lots of it!

I have been collecting gold bangles ever since my first son was born

when my in-laws gave me my first bangle! It was love at first sight. The boy and the bangle.

 I have acquired a few more along the way (children and bangles) and I have to say I rarely leave home without them.

This gold obsession has moved into my home.

I guess growing up the in 70’s around a lot of gold and brass, it kinda stuck with me.

Guess what ladies, Brass is Back!

Here are some interior shots that Im digging right now.

Love the clean lines of this brass stair rail.

And these chairs could go in any room in my house.

They have classic clean lines, so modern and fresh and fashionable.

I honestly think they could stand alone in a room and be perfect.

How about this tile in the master bath?


What door doesn’t need a little gold trim?

Check out the modern art in the background.

Mixed with the worn antique rug.

Perfectly Fashionable & CHIC in every way.

Modern, fresh, a tad worn.

And of course, you can’t forget the clothes.

I love this top.

It looks great with these white shorts


a pair of jeans, a blazer, your favorite Louboutin’s and holy smokin’ hot.


Glam it up.

You won’t regret it.

Thursday is the big Launch Party at Poppy’s.

Don’t miss it!


56 East Andrews Drive

Rock This Way

To add to my last blog…

I am really into adding some edgier pieces to my fall and winter wardrobe.

In all the magazines and catalogs- my attention keeps going to leather.

I guess I read too much 50 Shades this summer or something!


I saw a pair of jeans at market last weekend that were coated denim.

They looked liked leather. I had to get some. I fell in love!

Who knows what they will look like on my post three children bod!

Hey, thats what tunics are for, right?

Like I said before, my style is very feminine so I think edging it up a bit will be good for me.

I like the idea of soft combined with harder more structured pieces.

Maybe in my way too quickly approaching new decade, I’ll become a rocker chick.

You will know I have completely lost my marbles when I get a couple of piercings and tats.

Kidding Mom!!!

Faux leather has come a long way too so

A) we don’t have to worry about PETA


B) It wont break your bank.

And I can hear ya now. Im getting to that part.

No, you are not too old for leather.

I’m talking to you Elizabeth S!

You know who you are- LOL!

Buy a leather skirt, a leather jacket, leather leggings, leather boots this fall!

Add some sparkle with it!

Michael Kors Fall Collection


Happy Shopping



In going with my glam rock theme

I love me some Miranda Lambert and her style!


Song of the Week

Fastest Girl in Town 

I love her!

Glam Rock- Go For It!

Rebecca Taylor Lovefest

Rebecca Taylor Lovefest

As you know, I’m in the mood for Fall.

I’m tired of my summer clothes, time for them to hibernate.

I will like them again next year. Maybe.

I’m off to market this weekend and of course I can’t wait to visit my favorite showroom…

Rebecca Taylor!

I have a small crush on this designer.

I want everything.

Her style is

Feminine and Sexy.

Romantic and Rock N Roll.

Sugar and Spice.

I love the idea of a ruffled blouse combined with leather pants and a rockin’ boot with a gold heel!

Check out this NAIL HEAD dress, come on!

A perfectly feminine and curvy silhouette with edgy nail heads- gotta have.

My girlfriends laugh at me because I can walk into a store and I gravitate to anything by RT even without knowing the designer.

So here is my ode to Rebecca.

God Love Her!

I can’t wait to share my pics from market this weekend and all the trends that are on the horizon.

New website launch is around the corner-

without giving away the surprise 

y’all go ahead and mark your calendars for August 23rd.

Details to follow.



Song of the Week

Sweet Annie

Zac Brown

(great song and of course great name)