Olympic Spirit

Olympic Spirit

I can not wait for tonight!
I absolutely love the uniforms that Ralph Lauren designed for the US Olympic Team

My favorite part about the olympics is getting to know the athletes.
They have so much drive and determination.
Imagine what it takes to become an Olympian?

Going to the Olympics is definitely on my bucket list.
I did not live in Atlanta when the games were here so I missed them.

I decided today’s post should be…

A) An outfit to wear in London this week if I was there and sitting next to Princess Kate.
I think we could be friends. She would like me!

B) All of my favorite British Designers
Alexander McQueen
Stella McCartney

Let The Games Begin!

Fashionable CHICKs


I usually love the rain except when it happens during our last beach trip of the summer!
My family headed to the Gulf for Labor Day just in time
Tropical Storm Lee!
We actually had a blast! We were forced to make a different kind of fun!
Soooo, with MIMOSAS in hand, we headed out to play
Kickball in the Rain, Ride Bikes in the Rain and Swim in the Rain!!
Which lead me to this blog idea, cute and stylish rain gear for the fall!
Burberry Trench

Ali Ro Anorak- A POPPY’S FAVE!!!

Ok, and now I’m probably going to offend some people! 
Ladies…..throw away the printed rain boots!! Please!

Here are some better ideas that I promise you won’t go out of style anytime soon! 
You will thank me later!
Classic Hunter Wellies
(I even like the colored ones, just no patterns)

A great alternative, I love these Hunter’s with a wedge!
Guess what a rainy day is perfect for??
Fashionable CHICK