Spring Finds!!!!!

Spring Finds!!!!!

Spring Finds!!!!! by fashionablechicks

So I don’t know if you have noticed, but its getting awfully close to March. Growing up, March always meant one thing… Spring Break and spring weather! However, someone forgot to mention to me that lawyers do not get Spring Break! If I had known this I might have re-thought my career choice.  
However, given the recent weather trends lately and our 65 degree days, I think it is safe to say that even without spring break, sunny skies are around the corner. While at Poppys of Atlanta last weekend I saw all these beautiful spring pieces and decided I had to share some of my favorites.
1. Hudson White Jeans
These are a spring necessity.  White jeans seamlessly transition you from early spring when the weather is just becoming warm all the way through summer. They look great with anything and like all denim, can be dressed up or dressed down. 
2. Rebecca Taylor floral top
This beautiful Spring top can be put on with white jeans, dark jeans, or even under a suit. The ruffling details and the cut make the fit great and allow it to still be flowy without looking like a bag. 
3. Trina Turk Yellow Jacket/Blazer 
Ya’ll know I am a sucker for a good jacket. This one looks great on but is super lightweight and can be worn with jeans and dress pants for work. 
4. Trina Turk Accessories; Necklace, Ring, and Cuff
Trina Turk is relatively new to the jewelry business but like their clothing, they are right on the mark. This necklace, ring, and cuff could be worn for lunch with friends or to dress up a flirty dress for a night out on the town. The best part about Trina Turk jewelry; its all very reasonably priced. 
5. Ali Ro Rain Jacket 
I know Leslie has told ya’ll about these before, but they are AMAZING. I actually have ammm… four. They are lightweight, look great on, don’t wrinkle, and will go with anything. Especially in Atlanta where our summers tend to be monsoon like, they are a life saver.  
6. Joie Striped Top
I am so happy the striped trend is here to stay. Stripes are always more fun to put on than just a solid shirt and add a bit of interest under a blazer or open sweater. Since it is still early spring, this top is great when it is not quite warm enough for sleeveless shirts yet. 
7. Rebecca Taylor Sweater
Every wardrobe needs one of these. In the early spring, there is still a crisp in the air and a light sweater will keep you just warm enough. In the summer, if you are like me, you always have a sweater like this in your purse because the air condition seems to always be set on freezing. 
8. Trina Turk Crochet Dress
Spring wouldn’t be spring without a great spring dress. This one is super cute with its colored stripes and could easily be worn to an afternoon wedding or with flats on a Saturday. Throw a blazer over this and you are set for work too.  
8. Jbrand Skinny Jeans 
I’ve said it before. A good pair of skinny jeans are your best friend. These are simply perfect. Wear them to the grocery store. Wear them to work on Fridays. Wear them with anything else you see. You just can’t go wrong.  
 9. A Great pair of shoes!
During the summer, I live in two types of shoes; wedges and flat fun sandals. You can’t go wrong. The ones shown are just two great examples of these. 
Happy Spring Everyone!!! 

Thrifty Thursday!

Im declaring this thrifty Thursday!!!
Was browsing my usual shopping sites this morning at 5am, it’s my wake up and drink my coffee time before I need to get dressed for work.
It never fails that I dump stuff in my “shopping cart” but never really purchase….
Am I the only person who does this??
It feels like shopping but you don’t spend the money!
Stupid, I know.
It’s therapy.
Anyhow, this morning I came across Zara and they have some really cute work dresses, bags and cool shoes for the fall all for UNDER $100!

Girls-invest in an animal print shoe for the fall/winter.
If leopard is to bold for you go for the python instead. I swear you will wear them all the time!
Heres a night out look that I love, this dress will last you for years!
I think it’s only $150….not bad

Move over Delta, Pan Am is coming Back

Have you seen the ads for the upcoming show called Pan Am? Well it has me very intrigued! I love the 60’s fashion and I love the idea of flying being glamourous again. Do you remember our grandmother’s dressing to go on a trip? It was the Golden Age of Travel and nothing like boarding a Delta flight today….ugh, the thought of it makes me sweat! 

Drama aside, I think shows like Pan Am and Mad Men will have a huge impact on fashion this year! Bring on the dresses and feminine suits and color color color!

Also, check out the Francis Fall 2011 Line…. it’s oh so 60’s Airline Fashion Inspired!!!
Happy Flying,
Fashionable CHICK