Right on Target…

Target Beach Style by fashionablechicks Click on the Image for Item Details _____ On Saturday, my daughter and I were out shopping- Hard to believe. We made a quick stop by Target, our favorite place to pick up ONE thing. … Continue reading

Go Big by Shopping Small

Small Boutiques That Is I am so excited about this blog post- this is truly why I decided to start writing my blog. I love to shop in small boutiques, whether it is in my neighborhood or owned by a … Continue reading

New White Rules…

I know Labor Day has passed but do not put away your white jeans just yet!

I love my white jeans allll winter.

With my riding boots. With big slouchy sweaters. With a structured tweed blazer and a great scarf.

My other fall and winter must haves….

Winter white slacks, wool coat and pencil skirts with opaque tights.

Happy Shopping!

You Ask For It, You Get It!

Ok, sooooo – I was asked to speak to a women’s organization about Fall Trends.

I am very excited about it. I do two things very well.

1. Talk

2. Talk about Clothes/Shopping/Trends

So I hope that I am not spoiling the discussion but I started putting my ideas together.

This may be a two or three blog process but here is a start to fall trends.

So you know, I don’t always like ALL of the trends out there.

These are the trends that I can see easily fitting into my wardrobe as well as my friends and clients wardrobes.

Fall Trends to Buy….

1. LEATHER – I keep repeating myself but this may be my fav.

Leather leggings, Leather trimmed blazer, Leather skirt.

“The more appealing woman has a bit of an edge to her that makes her alluring.”

2. Dresses/Suits – Yes, the Mad Men look is still in.

I love a form fitting dress or a beautifully tailored suit with sheer hose and a pair of super high heels.

A great addition to your work wardrobe or for all my ladies who lunch.

Prim Appeal with an Urban Edge.

3. Peplum – I love anything with a peplum.

I think they hide a multitude of flaws.

4. Military Jackets – Anything double breasted.

This will look great with jeans for the weekend or dressed with a great pair of slacks for work.

I love this Free People Military Jacket- it hits on all of the trends double breasted, peplums, and cable knit

I especially like anything army green. It is one of my favorite colors to wear.

5. Western Wear – Anything with suede, shearling or denim.

This is definitely an easy trend. I love this denim shirt from j.crew. It would look great with the leather skirt or leather leggings.

Or a great boucle skirt for casual Friday.

These booties are really cute. Be careful with this trend.

My suggestion is unless you are 6 feet tall with skinny skinny long legs buy them a little more narrow at the top so your skinny jeans with lay just over the top of them. If they are wider at the top and you tuck your jeans into them they will make your legs look shorter and stumpier.

And noooooone wants this!

Happy Shopping, I’ll be back with more fall trends shortly!

Savannah or Bust

We Shopped til we Dropped

and Ate til We Popped!

If Savannah has two things,

it is great shopping and even better eating.

Ok, ok – we did some sightseeing along the way.

My daughter and I headed to Savannah for an awesome mother/daughter getaway with friends.

Sad to say, I had never been to Savannah even though I grew up just a couple of hours away.

It was a wonderful trip and I’m already looking forward to going back.

Saturday, we hit the ground running with breakfast at a lovely coffee shop right around the corner of our hotel, wish I could remember the name. Oops.

James Gunn Boutique

115 West Broughton Street

We met the owner and she was lovely. I’m looking forward to running into her at Coterie in September.

I found an awesome BB Dakota Blazer with a leather lapel there.

Had to buy, a no brainer for sure.

One of my big finds there were these Tibetan Prayer Beads.

I love the colors and I need all the prayer I can get!

Some other lines they carry are TIBI, Elizabeth and James, Parker, Vince and Joie

The Copper Penny

22 W. Broughton Street

This is a beautiful store with some great designer pieces

…my daughter loved everything there. Can you tell?

The Paris Market

Very cute store! Wanted to spend more time there for sure.

We stopped for lunch at Paula Deen’s

The Lady and Sons.

I was skeptical but I’m tellin’ ya- it was delicious!

I had the crab soup and a pimento cheese sandwich. It was delicious. I had to roll myself out of there.

Did I mention it was delicious. Ate myself sick.

Sunday, we woke up and the girls wanted to do a little more shopping before heading back.

We had been eyeing this really cute store so we could not leave without checking it out…

Terra Cotta Boutique

Beautiful store with a very cool feel. Not like your average Buckhead store which was refreshing.

They carried some lines that I am interested in checking out as well as some of my fav designers such as Annie Griffin, Beth Bowley and Francis.


Our Sunday lunch spot.

Fabulous in every way! Definitely a highlight of the trip.

Gryphon is across the street from SCAD and is actually run by SCAD. The restaurant is in an old pharmacy. They still have all of the original cabinets and tables and trim. It is stunning.

If you go you must order the crepes. Our girls devoured them!

Great trip, great getaway, great company.

                                                                                 Future Fashionistas for sure!

Repeat After Me….

Ok, we all do it. We all beat ourselves up.
We are our own worst critic!
Well, let’s all stop right here!
Trust me, I am the worst.
This weekend I had a moment where my insecurities took over.  They almost crippled me. I almost canceled, made another excuse to not do something that I knew would take courage, force me to be uninhibited, force me outside my comfort zone.This may take some of you by surprise but trust me, I put on a good show.
I had to tell myself over and over
“I am beautiful” to get the voices out of my head.
I wasn’t telling myself that to make me feel beautiful on the outside-
 I had to convince myself that what makes me beautiful is what is on the inside.
My heart, my courage, my drive, my determination, my mind, my soul.
Why do we do it? Why do we beat ourselves up?
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not applied for a job or not submitted a painting to a gallery.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted pictures on my camera or chopped off my head in a Fashionable CHICKs shot.
I would much rather be behind the camera than in front.
Be behind the scenes. Be the Indian, not the Chief.It all comes down to fear.
As I have been working on my new website, every time a photographer sends me pictures from the shoot I hate them! Not because he is a bad photographer but because I find all the wrinkles, the pudge of fat under my arm. Something.
I am also afraid of launching the new website. Will it be successful, will it succeed?So how does this pertain to fashion?
Be fearless. Wear what makes you happy. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get each week about what to wear- what shoes, what necklace, what earrings?
What cocktail dress, what type of jeans, pumps, bra, you name it.
Go for it, who cares!
So here’s to the wrinkles, the pudge, the grey hair, the photos, the new website, the dreams!
I have big dreams, I mean really big dreams. Off the charts, over the moon big dreams!
But the number one thing that holds me back is INSECURITY!
I’m scared to jump, scared to be vulnerable, scared to screw up,
scared to be criticized.
My goal this year is to JUMP, I’m ready!
Do what makes you happy, do what you love.
This is my new mantra.
Stand Tall and Smile.
Take risks.
Move Forward.
Fashionable CHICKs

To All My Momma Hens

I know this is a couple days late, sorry!Where do I begin? I am so thankful for my mother(s) and I am so thankful to be a mother.

Now that I am a mother, I should just apologize for-
not listening…
not cleaning up after myself…
not wanting to take a bath…
not eating my food…
always wanting you to buy me something…
never asking you if you need help…
never telling you thank you for helping me with my projects, doing to my laundry, making my bed, taking care of me when I am sick, having my rowdy friends over, forgiving me when I make a bad grade…
should I go on?


To my mother,
Thank you for all you do. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You taught me to be a lady, to always smile and hold my head high even during my toughest days. You taught me to be creative. You taught me to be strong and independent. And most importantly you taught me how to love and how to be a mother. Thank you.
To my Mother in Law Kitty,
Thank you for all you do, I am so lucky to have you. Thank you for trying your hardest to teach me how to cook. Even though I am still terrible, it is not from lack of trying I promise. Let’s hope AR follows in your footsteps and not mine!
To Debber,
I know I haven’t always been the easiest step daughter to deal with but I have truly enjoyed how our relationship has evolved. Please know that I thank you for loving and taking care of a very important person in my life, my father. You have inspired me to be a professional woman and I am truly honored to call you my family.
To Mudder,
Although you are looking over me in heaven, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. You were and are so important in my life. And I have say such a fashion trend setter! I used to covet your handbag and shoe collection. I wonder where I got that obsession from? I thank God everyday that you were such a presence in my life. I miss you dearly.
To Mimi,
Always a southern lady, always dressed, always polite, always graceful.
Thank you for teaching me all of these attributes and many more.
(And my love of Peppermint Patties and Diet Coke!) 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Fashionable HEN
and lover of my 3 CHICKs
I had a wonderful Mother’s Day.
Thank you.


May Giveaway!

I am so excited to announce Fashionable CHICKs first ever giveaway!

The Prize…..

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XO, Happy Friday CHICKs!
Good Luck,
Fashionable CHICKs