Sunday Woes

Every Sunday, I try to get my closet organized for the week, get my laundry done, rehang all the clothes I have worn in the past few days and have not hung up. I admit, I am the worst at the “piling on the chair” trick.
I love an organized closet but some weeks I run in to change my clothes after work and I’m back out the door in five minutes.
It makes me crazzzzzy when I am getting dressed at the CRACK of dawn and can’t find
 a certain belt or cardigan.
Work clothes can be so incredibly boring to buy and to wear.
So if you are like me and have to dress for work each day, I thought I would post some looks that are more inspiring than your typical black suit!
I encourage you to add color at work, mix textures and patterns.
Anything to jazz up the office wardrobe!
I try to think ahead, plan my days in my head.
My mornings go a lot smoother if I have an idea about what I will wear come 5am!
I love this yellow dress! It will surely brighten up a cube!

Neutrals are always a good staple, this blazer and blouse will work into your weekend wardrobe seemlessly. I love a double duty blouse or blazer.

Add a red or teal belt to this dress, add a pair of leopard pumps.

The belt and cardigan make this a YES YES YES!

Wow, love this! 

Do you get to wear jeans on Friday?
This still looks like you are dressing for success but looks hip with the cropped white jeans.
PS. Thank you all for your continued support. These past few weeks have been awesome and there are so many exciting things coming my way. I love fashion and helping others with their wardrobe, it makes me so happy to hear people are listening. 
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Fashionable CHICKS

Well Hello Bra

Remember in high school you owned like three SLIPS?
I may date myself on this one.
A half slip, a full slip, a silk camisole.
All nice and proper southern ladies owned slips.
God forbid you wore a skirt that you could see thru. Or a blouse without a camisole!
I took those slips and cami’s to college, I can’t remember if I used them or not.
I doubt it, that was my Patagonia shorts phase, God those things were not fashionable!
No wonder I didn’t have many dates…..
I actually still have those suckers in my lingerie drawer.
Not sure why, can’t remember the last time I put one on.
 I guess they are vintage now…..I could probably wear it out with a cute tank and a blazer.
Hey, that’s a thought.
So, back to my point.
I’m loving sheer blouses right now.
I think they are so feminine and romantic.
AND I actually love the “show the bra” look.
(My grandmother is rolling over in her grave)
So here you go-
In your 20’s– Show it baby, try a cute polka dotted bra under your sheer blouse.
I’m sure AR is going to whip this blog out in 10 years to remind me of what I wrote, I may regret this.

In your 30’s– Ok, maybe not polka dot, but definitely show it, flaunt it while you’ve got it. 
In your 40’s– I guess I’m going to put myself in this category although I still have one more year in my 30’s.
Try it for a date night, your hubby or mate will love it!
Maybe not the country club event, I’m just saying.
I’m thinking black bra, sheer white blouse, or if you are timid you can add a BLAZER.
How’s that?
These CHICKs still look incredible!
In your 50’s– Pull out one of your lace camisoles and add a sheer blouse, very appropriate!
Love black under whites.
Happy Shopping!
Show the Bra!
Fashionable CHICKs

White Hot Summer

Ok, I admit. I have been lazy! I went on vacation and it has taken me two weeks to get back into the swing of things, I apologize.
My favorite thing in the summer is white!
 A white bathing suit, a lightweight white sweater,  a white dress.
A sexy white cover up or the perfect white tank.
A sheer white button down paired with white jeans.
 White shorts paired with a great pair of wedges.
A crisp white blazer.
Or in this case, incredible white luggage.

Keep it neutral with nude accessories 
add a dash of color with a hot pink pair of pumps or a coral clutch!
Simple as that.

Happy Shopping
Happy Summer
Fashionable CHICKs
THE fashionable CHICKs.