Colored Denim…

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE jeans. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I could wear jeans every day of the week and be a happy girl. Now we all know jeans typically come in any version of blue, traditional black, grey, and white.

But little by little in 2011, we started to see a new denim trend: Colored Jeans. It all started last summer when I broke down and bought the red Jbrand Cotton Twill Jeans.
I’ll have to admit, I was slightly hesitant at first. But after a few days, they became my favorite jeans of the summer and fall. I could wear them with the classic black blazer or a comfy striped shirt.

When fall came around, I was thrilled to see the colored denim trend was here to stay. I found some super cute Paige green colored jeans to take me into the crisp fall days – seen here being worn by the fabulous Olivia Palmero
So I cannot tell you how excited I was the other day to get an email from Seven for All Mankind about MORE colored denim!!!

 Its the perfect transition into Spring! Which I must admit, I am craving at the moment. The thought of neon jeans does give me flashbacks to the 80’s – but with the right key pieces,say a great navy blue tank top and some fun gold jewels, you would be ready for spring in a polished and modern look. Even just looking at them brings a smile to my face.

So tell me – what trend were you hesitant about that you simply cannot live without now?

XOXO, Jennie

Is it a Southern Thing?

Monograms are back, or did they ever go out of style?
Growing up, everything I owned was monogrammed, from my panties to my cardigans. Even my father had his boxers and oxfords monogrammed. When I graduated from high school, I got monogrammed towels, luggage, earring, makeup brushes, clipboards, necklaces, you name it- it had my name on it.
Then I got married-
I had stemware monogrammed, towels, linens etc. monogrammed.
Then I had children-
More of the same!
One of my best friends when I had my daughter ran out that second to get AR’s first pair of monogrammed white eyelet panties. I had talked about this for years because I was stressed that if I had only had boys then I would never have a little girl with white eyelet panties! Lord!
I have to admit, at one point I had had enough of MONOGRAMS
(except for my linens)! 
They’re Baaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk!
And I think cuter than ever, dern I wish I had not purged all my monogrammed necklaces at one of those GOLD SALES!

cell phone case available at Poppy’s

Love love love this pillow!

Reese Witherspoon’s Bedroom

This would make a stunning teenage boys room.
XO, Happy Shopping!
Fashionable CHICK

From 9-5 to Weekend Chic

From 9-5 to Weekend Chic

From 9-5 to Weekend Chic by fashionablechicks

As I mentioned before, I am a lawyer. (Insert your favorite lawyer joke here :).  Let’s be honest, lawyers are not known for their “fashionable wardrobe.” Think your typical, drab, pant suit, and multiply that by your three color options; gray, brown, and black, and that’s about the extent of your wardrobe.  To make matters even more interesting, I work for the government, and when the Georgia Legislature is in session, I have to be in some form of a “suit,” so dress pants and a jacket, every day.  The legislatures even limit my jeans days…. sheeshh… 

But never one to be held back by “office dress codes” I have discovered the secret to working in a conservative profession and still feeling fashionable and fabulous.  Behold…. the “Blazer/Work Jacket.” I promise it will solve all your work-weekend problems.  

All you need to have a work wardrobe and a weekend look you will love is a few key pieces: 1. A great pair of black work pants. I prefer Theory – seriously. They are expensive, but they NEVER WRINKLE… I kid you not. I don’t know how they do it, but they manage to fit and look nice week after week. 2. A great white shirt. This Bellatrix shirt I have shown is only $78.00, looks fabulous with jeans and work-wear, and most importantly, is machine washable. 3. Some great skinny jeans – like these JBrands. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE jeans. I think I honestly am verging on 25 pairs at the moment…. that is for another post. 4. Some great black pumps. They are work appropriate and look great with your jeans. They almost become your “uniform shoes.” 5. Finally – some great accessories. A classic black purse, great statement watch and beautiful diamond earrings. All work appropriate that can easily transfer to a Saturday lunch date.

The best part now, picking out a fabulous blazer/work jacket.  Your options are limitless! And the best part, you can wear it with black pants for the week and jeans for the weekend. I personally think jeans and a great blazer/jacket is probably one of the best outfits a woman can put on. You always look put together and chic. And with Georgia weather not being super cold – you always manage to stay warm as well.  

My dream blazer/work jacket…. The classic Chanel Jacket. The black/white above is not a Chanel but modeled after one. I am not sure my law career will ever take off to afford a Chanel beauty but one day! 

So that is how this lawyer makes it through the work week. And even sometimes, I get a celebratory jeans day on Friday.  


Hello Fashionable Chicks Followers!!

Allow me to introduce myself. As the fabulous Leslie stated, my name is Jennie and I am obsessed with fashion, clothes, shopping, home decorating, beautiful vacations and all things … well fashionable. I am also a lawyer… An interesting combination I know.  I am sure your first thought is what does a lawyer do that in any way relates to anything fashionable? And to be perfectly honest, I am still trying to figure that out. My dream job is to be general counsel for Neiman Marcus – A good combination of the law and beautiful clothing… Someday. 

Anyway, I digress. I hope to offer ya’ll advice on everything from how to take a boring lawyer wardrobe and make it work appropriate and fashionable to where to find those designer duds at 70% off and everything in between.  

With that I wish you a Happy Wednesday!


5 Ways to Instantly Feel Put Together

5 Ways to Feel Instantly Put Together

5 Ways to Feel Instantly Put Together by fashionablechicks featuring faded jeans

1. If you grew up with my Southern Mother you would have known this since the time you turned 13! Don’t leave the house without mascara and lip gloss. Seriously, she knew what she was talking about! Nowadays I may add CONCEALER to that list too.

2. It doesn’t have to be a professional MANI, but take a moment every couple of days to either file and or add a coat of polish. It doesn’t take long and it really helps you look and I swear feel better either around town or in the office.

3. Bling!! If you know me you know this may be my actual number one! Accessories really make you feel put together. Even if you throw on the exact same watch, bracelet and earrings everyday it will make you feel like a lady. Trust me! If you want to get really crazy grab one of your cute clutches that you usually save for a night on the town.

4. They don’t have to be super high heels but even a wedge with a cute pair of shorts or jeans make all the difference.

5. Get out of the sweats and into a pair of cuffed jeans to wear to the ballpark or run errands, throw on a comfy white t-shirt and a scarf and you will be the most Fashionable CHICK in town. Hey, if you look so cute no one will notice the fact that your hair is in a ponytail and you haven’t had a chance to take a shower!

You will be ready to conquer the day and feel like a million bucks! Don’t do it for anyone but yourself!
XO, Fashionable CHICK

If I were planning a winter getaway….

As you all know, I hate the cold! I am a Florida girl who craves heat and humidity. In the summers we would head even farther South for more heat and humidity in the Abacos. I feel so alive with my toes in the sand, my skin looks and feels better! I need a getaway, pronto!

So, since my New Years Resolution was the Power of Positive Thinking here I go-

I truly want to head South ASAP and maybe my positive thinking will get me there. Did you play a car game as a child that went something like this….. “Im going camping and Ill bring an Apple, Im going camping and Ill bring a Ball and so on….”

Here is my grown up version……
Im going to the beach and Im going to bring lots of Accessories…

Im going to the beach and Im going to bring a Bikini and a Beach Bag….
(This is my allll time favorite bag)

Im going to the beach and Im going to bring a Cover up…….

Im going to the beach and Im going to bring a Dress to Dance the night away…..
Ok, so where are we going??
Thats all I need, right?
Fashionable CHICK