Well Hello Bra

Remember in high school you owned like three SLIPS?
I may date myself on this one.
A half slip, a full slip, a silk camisole.
All nice and proper southern ladies owned slips.
God forbid you wore a skirt that you could see thru. Or a blouse without a camisole!
I took those slips and cami’s to college, I can’t remember if I used them or not.
I doubt it, that was my Patagonia shorts phase, God those things were not fashionable!
No wonder I didn’t have many dates…..
I actually still have those suckers in my lingerie drawer.
Not sure why, can’t remember the last time I put one on.
 I guess they are vintage now…..I could probably wear it out with a cute tank and a blazer.
Hey, that’s a thought.
So, back to my point.
I’m loving sheer blouses right now.
I think they are so feminine and romantic.
AND I actually love the “show the bra” look.
(My grandmother is rolling over in her grave)
So here you go-
In your 20’s– Show it baby, try a cute polka dotted bra under your sheer blouse.
I’m sure AR is going to whip this blog out in 10 years to remind me of what I wrote, I may regret this.

In your 30’s– Ok, maybe not polka dot, but definitely show it, flaunt it while you’ve got it. 
In your 40’s– I guess I’m going to put myself in this category although I still have one more year in my 30’s.
Try it for a date night, your hubby or mate will love it!
Maybe not the country club event, I’m just saying.
I’m thinking black bra, sheer white blouse, or if you are timid you can add a BLAZER.
How’s that?
These CHICKs still look incredible!
In your 50’s– Pull out one of your lace camisoles and add a sheer blouse, very appropriate!
Love black under whites.
Happy Shopping!
Show the Bra!
Fashionable CHICKs

Cooler weather is ahead

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, still trying to figure out my “new NORM”! It’s not just the blog that has fallen thru the cracks, its my diet, my exercise program, my laundry-you name it!!

I’m slowly getting there, my clothes not fitting is going to be my number one KICK IN THE BUTT to exercise, whenever it may be.

I’m going to try something new in the next few weeks. Im going to just name a couple of items a month to invest in. Consider it a “build your wardrobe” bootcamp! That way you don’t feel overwhelmed when updating your wardrobe! Hows that? Hope these help. I take for granted how much I love to shop but I do know that for most it doesn’t come that easy to try new things or decide between the EVER CHANGING trends.

For October Im thinking you all need to purchase two things:
1.)Bow blouse– yes these look like something your mother wore in the 80’s but the new twist is a little more feminine and sexy. Looks great for work but also with a pair of flared jeans for a night on the town. They are everywhere this season.
I like the ones that are v-necked so you don’t look so “buttoned up”.

2.) Cape- a great new trend this season. Paired with a pair of skinny jeans and boots and your good to go. Would look great at a football game this fall when it gets cooler. Be careful with the length. If you are petite make sure you get one thats not too long. It will weigh you down.

Happy Shopping!
Fashionable CHICK

Fall Fashion in my FUTURE!

Trust me I know it is HOT as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks (as my daughter would say)
BUT I’m looking forward to a little change in my wardrobe.

I love Atlanta in the Fall! I love Football Season, I love Halloween, I love watching the Leaves Change, I love Fall Festivals, I love Pumpkins, I love how all the neighbors begin to take 
Evening Walks and Linger A Little Longer and 
I love sitting outside by the fire with a tall glass of
Ahhh, I can’t wait!
Here are a few of my MUST HAVES for Fall….
My #1 has to be Michael Kors new CHOCOLATE stainless steel watch- DEVINE!
That will definitely be my first “BACK to WORK” purchase as a kudos to myself!
(PS. Sorry for the icky image, Im having POLYVORE issues)

I saw a girl at market last weekend and she had on the BEST jeans, I stopped her to ask her about them. She swore by them, JBrand Love Story Jeans. They have a wide leg but are skinny down past the knee which I love, they are so flattering! I’m going to get some ASAP! Hey, I actually have Casual Fridays at work so I neeeeed some new jeans, right?!
Some Chick Inspiration-
Music- Matt Kearney (I love his entire new album)
“Hey Mama”
Quote of the Day-
“Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting it”
-Mae West
Fashionable Chick