Behind The Scenes Look at Fashionable CHICKS



Leslie has worn many hats throughout her life but the one common theme has always been art, fashion and design. She adopted a love of the arts at an early age from her mother who is a talented painter and photographer. Leslie loves all aspects of design. When she was a child,  her mother would buy her books of dress patterns. She would copy the designs and dream of becoming a famous fashion designer.

In college, she studied Painting and Art History. After she was married, her passion turned to interiors. Her family was never surprised when they would come home to a newly painted dining room or rearranged bedroom.

She began writing the Fashionable CHICKS blog in March of 2011. It began as a creative outlet to help friends and family with their everyday wardrobe and interiors. She also loves to share stories of crazy everyday life in Atlanta, her three beloved children, dogs and of course her CHICKens!

We hope you enjoy her sense of humor and style. A reader once said about Leslie, “I feel like when I am reading her blog that she is one of my best girlfriends and we are sitting on the back porch having a glass of wine!”.

Leslie likes to remind her friends to never stress about clothes, stop worrying about what the label says and wear what makes you happy!

Happy Shopping!

Photo Credit: Ish Holmes Photography

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