Is it a Southern Thing?

Monograms are back, or did they ever go out of style?
Growing up, everything I owned was monogrammed, from my panties to my cardigans. Even my father had his boxers and oxfords monogrammed. When I graduated from high school, I got monogrammed towels, luggage, earring, makeup brushes, clipboards, necklaces, you name it- it had my name on it.
Then I got married-
I had stemware monogrammed, towels, linens etc. monogrammed.
Then I had children-
More of the same!
One of my best friends when I had my daughter ran out that second to get AR’s first pair of monogrammed white eyelet panties. I had talked about this for years because I was stressed that if I had only had boys then I would never have a little girl with white eyelet panties! Lord!
I have to admit, at one point I had had enough of MONOGRAMS
(except for my linens)! 
They’re Baaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk!
And I think cuter than ever, dern I wish I had not purged all my monogrammed necklaces at one of those GOLD SALES!

cell phone case available at Poppy’s

Love love love this pillow!

Reese Witherspoon’s Bedroom

This would make a stunning teenage boys room.
XO, Happy Shopping!
Fashionable CHICK

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